Additive Manufacturing

Called a revolutionary, disruptive advance by some and dismissed as an infant technology by others, after decades in the fringe additive manufacturing is finally finding a place in the mainstream manufacturing conversation. Visit this page to follow as this conversation develops and new applications of the technologies are explored and tested in the manufacturing arena.

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    • technology trends
      Feb 13, 2014

      Fear, Frenzy and the Birth of an Industry at GE's 3-D Printing Lab 2

      There's a tsunami coming and the industry had better to learn to swim. Fast....More
    • Feb 4, 2014

      3-D Printing: One Small Step for a Greener Airplane? 1

      Airbus Group Innovations and EOS, a 3-D printing company, recently conducted an environmental comparison between a conventional aircraft bracket and a bracket produced using additive manufacturing....More
    • technology trends travis hessman
      Sep 19, 2013

      Setting Some Standards for 3-D Printing

      If the additive manufacturing industry is ever going to take off, it needs to do so on an even field, playing by the same rules as the rest of the machine tools. That takes time and investment and standards. And it looks like that's on the way....More
    • Dec 3, 2013

      Happy 3-D Printing Day!

      GE has officially dubbed Dec. 3, 3-D Printing Day to wrap up its yearlong additive manufacturing media blitz....More
    • Aug 5, 2012

      They're Printing Guns And Drugs Now - Is Your Product Next?

      3D printing will revolutioninze many manufacturing sectors -- and kill off others. With consumer and semi-pro use of 3D printers exploding, and thus driving the cost of printing manufactured products down, it's worth asking -- how will "cheap and easy" 3D printing affect your products and your industry? Will you have to compete with your best customers?...More
    • Jul 23, 2008

      3-D Printing = A New Industrial Revolution?

      User-generated content is taking yet another step in its evolution, moving from media to manufacturing via community-driven, consumer-scale manufacturing and distribution. Add a social network overlay on top of a prototyping service and you've got Shapeways, the next serious competitor for your consumer and partner wallet share....More
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    • 3-d printed shoes!
      Feb 21, 2013

      The 3-D Printing Revolution

      Christopher Barnatt of illustrates the inner workings of additive manufacturing machines and provides some real-life examples of how 3-D printing technology could dramatically change the manufacturing and retail industries as we know them today....More
    • NASA's Innovative Manufacturing Project and how 3D printing
      Dec 13, 2012

      3D Printing... in Space!

      Machine Design Senior Editor, Leslie Gordon, interviews Carol Tolbert, project manager at the NASA Glenn Research Center about NASA's Innovative Manufacturing Project and how 3D printing could transform the space industry....More

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