Business Roundtable Survey: Corporate America Has Strengthened Security

American companies are better prepared to deal with security threats, suggest survey results released last month by the Business Roundtable. For example, nearly every company in the survey reports that it has increased physical security, and all have strengthened cyber security since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Some 97% say they have updated their emergency response plans since that date. The survey was sent to the 150 CEOs who comprise the Washington, D.C.-based business organization. One hundred responded. "Companies are strengthening the resiliency of the nation's critical infrastructures, increasing investments in physical and cyber security, improving crisis communications and developing more extensive emergency response plans," says C. Michael Armstrong, chairman of Comcast and chairman of the Roundtable's security task force. In other findings:

  • 40% of the respondents say they test their emergency response plan at least twice a year and nearly 90% test it at least annually.
  • 87% of CEO respondents say they devote more time and attention to security since 9/11.
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