Data Synchronization Solutions Target Small, Midsized Firms

Transora has developed two software solutions designed to help small and midsized companies comply with retailer requests for synchronized data. The two solutions -- Transora Data Synchronization Network (TDSN) Express Compliance and TDSN Express Plus Compliance -- include limited but key components of its complete Transora Data Synchronization Network product. TDSN Express Compliance includes a Web-based graphical user interface for manufacturers with a limited number of items to load, register and synchronize with one or two retail trading partners. TDSN Express Plus Compliance includes the graphical interface as well as a Transora-developed Excel spreadsheet load option for companies with hundreds of items to synchronize and multiple retail trading partners. Other key features of both solutions include: UCCnet Global Registry item registration, content management, multiple data extract options, training options and more. The solutions also allows customers to rapidly migrate to more sophisticated data synchronization processes should they be required, Transora says. Pricing for TDSN Express Compliance Service begins at $100 and depends on company size, retailer connections and global connectivity. Chicago-based Transora is a standards-based e-commerce company that provides solutions to the consumer products and consumer electronics industries.

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