HR Suite Addition Charts Organizational Structure

Keeping track of personnel changes and organizational structure in a rapidly changing company is a real challenge for human resources professionals. Now Abra OrgChart, a Windows-based charting system from Best Software Inc., Reston, Va., can help. Part of the Abra HR information systems suite, this application builds organizational charts supporting thousands of positions, frequent personnel changes, multiple reporting relationships, and management restructurings. Because the system is database-driven, changes in management structure recorded within the Abra Suite are automatically reflected across all relevant organizational charts. Other features include color-coding to highlight key data such as employee length of service and performance ratings. Charts can be printed in a page-numbered book format with full index, as a paste-together wall map, or output in a format for use on a corporate intranet site. Additionally, charts can be embedded with popular programs, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Ability to create "what-if" scenarios within the application provides a view of how structural changes might affect an organization. For example, organizational trees can be manipulated using drag-and-drop and cut-and-paste techniques. Individual boxes, management levels, or entire branches can be added, moved, or deleted.

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