Learn To Invest And Trade Online

Investing and Trading on the Internet, an interactive investment game course offered by Syracuse University, will meet online from Jan. 19 to Mar. 9. Students will have access to an online investment information service called TradersWeb, which was developed by the instructors. The $249 tuition enables students to review reference material selected from numerous online financial services. The course focuses on both the theory of investing and the effective use of technology. Students can learn and test their newly developed investment strategy to make informed decisions. With risk-free simulation, students will buy and sell stocks and analyze their gains or losses with more Internet research. "This way they learn the good and bad of investing," explains instructor Virgil Eveleigh, whose partner is Fred H. Schlereth. They are Syracuse University faculty colleagues. Weekly online lectures include:

  • Available Web sites -- how to access and use them.
  • Fundamentals of investing for income and growth.
  • Market timing and short-term investing.
  • How to construct a portfolio, asset allocation, sources of investing information.
  • Review of required discipline and methodology.
  • Conclusions and recommendations for further work.
The course requires no prerequisites, but basic computer skills are important, and there are a few technical requirements. Registration information is available via e-mail [email protected], on the Web www.suce.syr.edu/ONLINEClassPages/InvestingTrading.html, or at 315-443-3273.
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