Things are looking good for manufacturing -- the economy is picking up, orders are increasing and consumption is on the rise. But after the recession years, many companies have now found themselves slimmed down to the bare operational bones and entering the recovery period without the necessary staff or resources to meet increasing demand.

For manufacturers, this means doing more with less, better and faster than ever before.

To do this, many are finding that they now require access to real-time, actionable business intelligence (BI) when and where they need it most.

Which is to say, they must now have access to everything, everywhere, any time.

It's no wonder that when they turn to their old BI system for help, they find it can no longer cope with these new demands. In fact, it doesn't come close.

With terabytes of data updating in milliseconds, BI users are buried under a barrage of information that comes in too fast and in too great a supply to rationalize with traditional BI systems. So manufacturers are doing what one always does when demand outpaces means: They are turning to new technology. In this case, that means updating to a smarter system and taking it mobile.