Bio Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. is entering into an agreement with Environmental Energy Recycling Corp. to expand the use of bio-diesel fuel for heating oil for use all year long.

"Currently EERC processes yellow grease as feedstock for domestic heating oil -- we provide them with the option to convert that yellow grease to bio-diesel fuel (B100 grade) during the spring and summer months when demand for heating oils is not at a premium. says Mr. David Bennett, CEO of Las Vegas-based Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.

Under the new agreement, EERC will deliver a minimum of 525,000 gallons of brown grease feedstock each year that they currently collect and dispose of as a 'messy nuisance' for BSLM to convert into high quality bio-diesel fuel all year round.

Bio Solutions has developed microbiological formulations for waste bioremediation and currently provides these products to many municipal collection systems and a growing number of food service facilities in the United States.

Bio Solutions recently acquired a patented grease extractor to be used in conjunction with its' bioremediation solutions to extract desired oil and grease to be converted into value-added products, such as bio-diesel fuel and glycerin.

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