CEO, Andy Vabulas is in the business of connecting people with technology.

His company -- I.B.I.S., a Norcross, Ga.-based enterprise business solutions provider -- is specifically designed to do just that by heping companies leverage their high tech tools to optimize performance and maximize efficiency.

In other words, it is his job to help usher businesses into the digital world.

Over the years, this position has provided him with a unique perspective on advances to the technology and the impact they have had in the business world.

Today, he sees manufacturers struggling to take advantage of new advances to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, many of them struggling just to find a place for its expanded functionality in their organization.

Vabulas is familiar with this struggle. Throughout his career, he has watched many companies fight this constant battle to stay atop of every new development, trend and tool, from the rise of the internet to the move to the cloud.

IndustryWeek met up with Vabulas recently to discuss some of the challenges these companies are facing in terms of their ERP system and to put together some of the best practices for ERP software deployment in today's manufacturing companies.