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Adrienne Selko, Senior Editor,

Focus: Expansion Management & the Biotech & Life Sciences Industries

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Senior Editor Adrienne Selko manages IndustryWeek’s Expansion Management, delivering ideas and information about how successful manufacturers leverage location to gain competitive advantage. She explores the strategies behind why companies located their headquarters, research institutes, factories, warehouse and distribution centers and other facilities where they did, and how they benefit from the decision.

Adrienne is also the editorial coordinator of the IndustryWeek Expansion Management Roundtable events, which unites economic development professionals to network and discuss the latest trends in site location.

As well, Adrienne tells the stories of successful companies in the biotechnology and life sciences industries.

In the past, Adrienne has managed IndustryWeek’s award-winning website, overseeing eNewletters, webinars, and contributed content. Before joining the staff, Adrienne was managing editor of corporate publications at a large regional financial institution. She also ran a public relations and marketing company that published a best-selling healthcare book.

Adrienne received a bachelor’s of business administration from the University of Michigan and is especially interested in wellness and natural health. 

Top 10 Countries with Resilient Supply Chains
Resilient supply chains give businesses a distinct advantage by protecting their operational integrity, revenue stream, market share and shareholder value, says FM Global.
Kansas City, Missouri Transformed into Smart City
Kansas City, Missouri Transformed into Smart City
Rollout includes 125 “smart” streetlights, 25 interactive kiosks to engage citizens and 50 blocks of free outdoor public Wi-Fi downtown.
Bell and Howell
Bell and Howell: Historic Company Moves Into IoT Space
"Neither humans nor technology can optimally solve problems on their own," says Ramesh Ratan, CEO of Bell and Howell. "It’s the interplay between human judgment and technical data that combine to enhance operations."
Top US Imports
American imports amounted to $2.309 trillion during 2015.
Top 10 Most Responsible Supply Chains
Oxfam ranks the 10 big consumer brands for socially responsible management of their supply chains on seven issues: climate change, water use, helping farmers' livelihoods, preventing land grabs by suppliers, workers conditions, gender equality and transparency.
Why Do Employees Quit?
Every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average.
PPG Paints a Clearer and Warmer Image
PPG Paints a Clearer and Warmer Image
“We are now the world’s largest paint and coating company by sales,” explained said Bryan Iams, vice president, corporate and government affairs. “We needed to update the perception of our firm from an industrial conglomerate to a paint and specialty coating company.”
How to Keep Slave Labor out of Your Global Supply Chain
As forced and slave labor abuses come to light companies would be wise to have their own people on the ground checking to make sure they are doing things properly.
What Type of Boss Are You? 2
There are 12 types of bosses, each with a different management style, says business journalist Geoffrey James, author of "Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know."
Will Thailand’s Super Clusters Help Dominate ASEAN Market?
Can Thailand’s Super Cluster Strategy Dominate ASEAN Market?
Thailand is the second largest economy in the ASEAN nations and wants to continue this status so it has created a Super Cluster strategy.
Women Leaders Making a Mark in Manufacturing 1
Across the globe, the percentage of women leaders is increasing. In a survey by by Development Dimensions International, the Philippines placed first; 51% of its leaders are women. Thailand came in at 39%, while Canada took third place at 37%. The U.S. lagged behind in fourth place, with women comprising 36% of its leaders.
Confidence Is Top Leadership Difference Between Women and Men
Confidence Is Top Leadership Difference Between Women and Men
“Women need to do a better job of declaring themselves and becoming their own advocates—speaking and acting confidently and mentally promoting themselves to a future-focused role,” said Tacy M. Byham, CEO of DDI.
Diagnosis: Innovation Prescribed for Medical Device Market
Diagnosis: Innovation Prescribed for Medical Device Market 1
“This is a new era in medical products with predictions that the global market for consumer medical devices will exceed $10 billion by 2017,” said John Nottingham, co-president, Nottingham Spirk.
University is Anchor of Economic Development Plan in Pennsylvania
University is Anchor of Economic Development Plan in Pennsylvania
Penn State University has pledged to leverage its entrepreneurial initiatives into “economic engines” and to engage alumni and community members in economic development efforts.
2015 IW Best Plants Winner: Kaizens Key to Bard Shannon’s Cultural Turnaround
The company’s cultural transformation moves it from FDA warning to Plant of the Year.
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