Brad Kenney

Chief Marketing Officer,
Dark Roast Media

Brad Kenney is the former Technology Editor of IndustryWeek and now serves as director of the mobile/social platforms practice at R/GA, a global marketing/advertising firm in New York City.

Wind Turbine Supply Chain Spinning Up
Recent supply chain development events are going strong despite overall economic downturn.
Frito-Lay Plants Join EPA's National Environmental Performance Track Program
Orlando, Fla. facility joins California and Ohio sites in groundbreaking efficiency-oriented program
DOE 'Save Energy Now' Program Saves $1.5 Million for Three Companies
The U.S. industrial manufacturing facilities made substantial environmental improvements.
50 Out Of 50 Governors Call For Renewable Energy Tax Credit Extension
Uncommon, bipartisan unanimity of purpose demonstrated amongst state-level Executive branch officeholders
Nat'l Association of Counties Adopts Manufacturing Lifecycle Requirement
Extended Producer Responsibility framework makes product manufacturers primarily responsible for the lifecycle impact of their products.
Green Spot: Intel: Continuous Environmental Innovation
Leading semiconductor manufacturer displays trademark relentless and innovative spirit towards all of its green business initiatives -- and the list keeps growing.
Tapping Into Honeywell's Green Expertise
A look at how some companies are benefiting from Honeywell's solutions that reduce energy consumption.
The Zero Effect: How to Green Your Facility
These days, defects aren't the only metric that manufacturing managers are trying to drive down to zero -- landfill waste, carbon emissions and energy grid use are the new targets.
IT Leaders Want More Say in Strategy: By The Numbers
Would be willing to trade jobs for better strategic role
Plugging The Gaps In U.S. Broadband
Lack of broadband hurts productivity
Best Practices in BPM
Business process management tools are available to help manufacturers cope with information overload.
Better Planning Through a Wiki
Socialtext Workspace helps Osborne Tranformer achieve metrics
Web 2.0 Tools Transform Osborne's Management Strategies
With collaboration at a premium, manufacturers are looking to the next generation of information tools for help.
Top 12 Benefits of the SaaS Model
SaaS can mitigate risks, reduce capital expenditures and trim overall IT costs.
The Dilemma of the Ultra-Connected
Information workers are surrounded by information sources, but is the right information getting through in time?
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