Doug Bartholomew

Can Lean and ERP Work Together?
Searching for harmony between MRP's 'push' and lean's 'pull'
Additive Manufacturing Goes Mainstream
Making parts by adding -- not subtracting -- material catches on.
Manufacturers To Shuffle IT Spending Plans In 2007
Companies will concentrate their IT dollars on competitiveness and operational gains.
Manufacturers Find Business Intelligence Elusive
Real-time data is the key to greater operations visibility.
Enterprise Software: Lean Gets A Software Assist
ERP technology can support lean initiatives if you're willing to ride out the cultural shift.
Plan For Worst-Case Scenarios
Should the avain flu pandemic occur, the U.S. government has created basic guidelines to help companies continue operations.
Supply Chains At Risk
Manufacturers need to guard against disruptions in the flow of materials. With so many things that can -- and do -- go wrong, contingency planning is no longer a luxury... it's a necessity.
Understanding Demand Signals In The Supply Chain
Manufacturers are using electronic signals to communicate production requirements throughout the supply chain.
Training Goes High Tech
Manufacturers boost use of online, simulator-based training.
Where's The Magic? Is Manufacturing Software Delivering Results?
Support for lean, improved visibility into operations drive in vestment in plant-floor technology.
Financial Tools: Automating Accounting
For manufacturers, the devil lies in the exceptions.
Material Requirements Planning: 9 Lives And Counting
In its latest version, MRP is one of several tools used for capacity and materials planning.
Energy Software Cuts Costs
Powering Down: Energy management software helps manufacturers cut costs.
How Companies Are Responding
While it's not unusual for manufacturers to encounter quality problems, the ways they respond to those issues varies. Some, in fact, are finding creative ways to hold suppliers responsible for their defects.
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