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Ford Plans Drastic Cuts in Water Use by 2020
The company’s ultimate goal is to reduce its use of water in manufacturing all the way down to zero.
Faces of Manufacturing: Machining's a Thrill Ride for Former Drag Racer
My proudest moment would probably have to be when (Formtek's president) came to me and said, 'Pick out the machine that you feel we need.'"
Faces of Manufacturing: A Job Out of the Military Leads to a Sales Career
A regional sales manager at Bishop-Wisecarver Group talks about how "manufacturing chose me."
Faces of Manufacturing: a Co-op with Real-World Experience Leads to a Career
In honor of Manufacturing Day, an industrial maintenance training manager at Shaw Industries talks about helping build a Makerspace and getting kids interested in STEM careers.
Faces of Manufacturing: Leading the Family Business into a New Era
Jill Mayer, corporate president of Bead Industries in Connecticut, talks about taking the reins of the 103-year-old company started by her great-great grandfather.
Faces of Manufacturing: Taking Pride in Teamwork
Eric Latulippe, a silicon machine operator at FLEXcon, talks about the satisfaction, in addition to a good paycheck, he gets from his job.
Faces of Manufacturing: Sharing the Challenge of Process Improvement
Tim Endicott, process improvement manager at Ditch Witch, says the company "has started a lean journey and has become an even more exciting place to work."
Faces of Manufacturing: From Sales Rookie to Company President
Jill Bellak, president of MBX Systems, started out in computer parts sales 17 years ago not knowing 'the difference between a hard drive and a floppy disk.' That quickly changed.
US Must Keep Manufacturing in the Economic Driver’s Seat
US Must Keep Manufacturing in the Economic Driver’s Seat
“Manufacturing is a much more significant factor in our economy than official government statistics show, as those numbers only measure the value of the upstream supply chain and only include goods sold to ‘final demand’,” said Stephen Gold,CEO of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.
Let the Manufacturing Day Festivities Begin
Check out our exclusive coverage all month long.
NAM Study Puts $81 Billion Price Tag on New Labor Rules 2
The study from the pro-business National Association for Manufacturers estimates that more than 150,000 workers stand to lose their jobs from new labor regulations, with additional jobs changing from full- to part-time.
Toyota to Invest $400 Million in West Virginia Plant Upgrade 4
Plans include converting current generation six-speed transmission lines to next-generation eight-speed transmission lines.
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O, Captain, My Robot? Autonomous Boat Fleet Sets Sail in Amsterdam
The cleverly named “ROBOATS” would transport goods and people and collect data as researchers study how to best use urban waterways.
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