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ISM Manufacturing Index Slows in February
Most of the more than 50 index segments fell in February led by employment which lost 3%. Part of the dip is being blamed on the West Coast port strike and a harsh winter.
Q4 Real GDP Revised Down, Still Beats Forecast for Continued Growth
Despite a strong jobs market, salaries remain stagnant. And the latest worker productivity numbers show hours worked are up, while labor productivity has remained unchanged.
GE Optimizing Power and Production at Japan Plant
The Tohoku factory will be the first in Japan equipped with three kinds of energy-saving power systems.
Manufacturers Looking at a Big Shortfall of New Workers 7
A study survey showed while nine in 10 Americans believe manufacturing is essential to the U.S. economy, only one in three parents would encourage their kids to pursue a career in the industry.
Consumer Confidence Slips in February, Remains Strong
The index now sits at 96.4, down from 103.8 in January, but still above pre-recession levels. Despite the drop, consumers remain positive.
Existing Home Sales in January Fall to Nine-Month Low
The inventory shortage has limited choices and kept prices high, causing some to hold off while scaring away first-time buyers.
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Trade Gap with China Grows Wider
U.S. manufactured exports did grow in 2014, adding 3%. And over the last five years, exports have grown by 41%. But those numbers pale in comparison to China’s growth of 96% for the same time period.
Optimism Among Small Businesses Slides
The percent of owners reporting higher worker compensation held at 25 percent, the best reading since late in 2007.
NAM Taps Industry Leaders for New Board
The NAM team will advocate policies that will grow jobs, attract foreign direct investment, ease the regulatory burden, lead the world in innovation, expand access to global markets and ensure manufacturers have access to a skilled, modern workforce.
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Manufacturing Technology Orders Take Sharp Drop in November - 2014 Still Up
'Despite a downward monthly trend in manufacturing technology orders, we remain bullish on the U.S. industry market overall, with robust factory production and strong performance in the automotive sector.'
Ford Joins DowAksa to Develop New Manufacturing Process for Carbon Fiber
Ford Joins DowAksa to Develop New Manufacturing Process for Carbon Fiber
The two companies will conduct research to develop high-volume manufacturing techniques for automotive-grade carbon fiber .
Complicated Won't Cut It in 2015
In the face of an increasingly complex business environment, manufacturers need to embrace "smart simplicity."
2014 – An Historically Deadly Year in Aviation
2014 – A Historically Deadly Year in Aviation
762 people have lost their lives in seven fatal accidents this year.
Does Your Culture Reward the Lazy Brain?
No matter what product or service you sell, says Edward Hess, you must be in the business of learning, and build a culture where lazy thinking is snuffed out and big thinking is encouraged and rewarded.
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