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Workers Reject Fiat Chrysler Contract Offer

Workers at the U.S. arm of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have rejected a proposed four-year contract that would have provided broad raises, the United Auto Workers union said Thursday.

Sixty-five percent of the 40,000 Fiat Chrysler employees represented by the UAW who voted on the new contract offer rejected it, the union said in a statement.

WTO Lowers Trade Growth Estimate
The World Trade Organization lowers its forecast for trade growth as slowing economies in China, Brazil and other emerging nations, lower oil prices and exchange rate fluctuations drag on the global economy.
Porsche CEO Will Helm Volkswagen; VW Restructures North America Operations
"Under my leadership, Volkswagen will do everything it can to develop and implement the most stringent compliance and governance standards in our industry," said Matthias Müller.
Mercedes to Invest $1.3 Billion, Add 300 Jobs in Alabama
The company said the improved facility in Tuscaloosa would support 300 new jobs and have end-to-end digitization of production processes as part of a "smart factory approach."
Smart Manufacturing the Focus of New NNMI Facility
The Department of Energy is currently accepting proposals for the new institute, which will focus on advanced sensors, controls, platforms and modeling.
Carmakers Say 'Go' to Standardizing Automated Brakes 1
The 10 companies supporting the federal mandate--including Ford, GM, and Toyota--represent 57% of the U.S. auto market
UAW Effort Underway at Honda Plant in Alabama
Honda Manufacturing of Alabama mentioned the union activity in a letter mailed to its 4,000 employees last week.
Creating the IndustryWeek 1000
How the list of the top 1000 manufactures is built.
Manufacturing Jobs Climb in the Rocky Mountain State
The food processing and industrial machinery sectors showed the highest gains.
Two auto workers on the floor.
US Generates 173,000 New Jobs in August
The federal government reported almost 50,000 fewer new jobs than anticipated for the month, but August has been historically weak and these numbers might be enough for a Fed rate hike.
Five Year Forecast: Huge Rise in Trade from Asia to NA and Europe
Five Year Forecast: Huge Rise in Trade from Asia to NA and Europe
An increase of over 30% in the next five years underscores China’s intent to remain a new trade hub-and spoke lynchpin for the rest of the economic world.
General Mills -  We Want to Be around in 150 Years so Will Reduce Emissions
General Mills - We Want to Be around in 150 Years so Will Reduce Emissions

General Mills Inc. (IW 100/260) announced on August 31 that it will reduce gas emissions by 28% across its full value chain – from farm to fork to landfill – over the next 10 years. And the company said it reached this number based on scientific findings which have found what is necessary to sustain the health of the planet.

'Consolidation': the Auto Supplier Buzzword of the Year 1
Merger and acquisition deal value will likely exceed $48 billion in 2015 worldwide for global automotive suppliers, easily overtaking the previous high in 2007 of $35 billion.
GM Strike Ends in Brazil
A two-week strike at a General Motors plant in Sao Jose, Brazil ended yesterday when the company agreed to put 800 job cuts on hold until next year.
US Manufacturing Still in Trouble, Warns ITIF 1
Is U.S. manufacturing strong compared to other developed nations? A new critique warns a Congressional report was too optimistic.
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