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John Dyer on the 'Facade of Lean'
Many companies are reaping huge benefits from Lean implementation, but others are still struggling, according to noted process improvement and Lean operations expert John Dyer.
Cessna Mexico's Exceptional Quality Results
The people who work at Cessna, Mexico's large manufacturing campus in Chihuahua have a lot to be proud of.
T&S Brass - Winning Through Serious Continuous Improvement
Improving operations allowed the company to invest in more modern equipment, which then led to the company re-shoring production from China.
IndustryWeek's New 2016 Conference Tackles 21st Century Transformation
The IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo, to be held May 3-5, 2016 in Rosemont, Ill., will help guide manufacturing executives through this unprecedented era of technology convergence.
Join Us 'Virtually' at the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference
We will be posting the latest photos, videos, and best practices throughout the conference.
Siemens Digital Enterprise Integrates Software Into Single Platform
Manufacturing engineering giant aims for seamless integration of software, machinery across shop floor.
ToolingU Helps Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap
ToolingU aims to make up for the lack of shop floor classes in schools by providing online and on site training for manufacturing.
Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Software
Synchrono systems aim to take the "Internet of Things" to the next level in a manufacturing context.
ATS Factory Maintenance Services Upgraded
ATS' stated mission is to reduce waste in manufacturing. Through a proactive approach to production machine maintenance, ATS optimizes manufacturing assets and dramatically lowers manufacturing costs.
Faces in the Crowd - 2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants
Conference attendees came from a wide variety of businesses and had a host of challenges.
IW Best Plants --  Best Practices at Flextronics
IndustryWeek Best Plants -- Best Practices at Flextronics
IW Best Plants conference offers attendees the chance to go onsite and learn best practices.
A worker welds a gate at a small fabricating shop.
US Manufacturing Growth Remains Slow
The new index report from the Institute for Supply Management remains at 51.5, stopping five straight months of slowing numbers, short of forecasts calling for 52.0.
Factory Orders Rise Ending 6 Months of Declines
The latest report from the Commerce Department showed a jump of 0.2% versus analysts who were looking for a 0.6% decline.
US Manufacturing Growth at Slowest Rate in Nearly 2 Years
The latest index report from the Institute for Supply Management fell to 51.5 from 52.9 in the previous month, coming in well below analysts' estimates of around 52.5.
Report Shows Manufacturers Behind on Risk Assessment Practices
What it found is the companies need to up their game and have a more analytical, agile, and clinical view of risk to effectively address the complexity and velocity of critical risks and disruptions to their businesses.
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