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Manufacturers' Wish List
No one expects a comprehensive energy policy, an environmental policy bill or a comprehensive reform of the nation's chemical management system—the Toxic Substances Control Act—to emerge from Congress in 2013. Nor do they expect completion of any new free trade agreements.
manufacturing regulations
Regulatory 'Avalanche' Worries Manufacturers
The budget crisis, tax reform and spending cuts will garner most of the attention on Capitol Hill in 2013, with a hope -- but no guarantee -- that anything more than a temporary fix will emerge.
1998 IW Best Plants: Allegiance Healthcare Corp.
Allegiance Healthcare Corp. El Paso, Tex. By Michael A. Verespej Until about five years ago Maria Karisch didnt always like coming to work. "We were stuck in one place and we didnt have the opportunity to be free to express our opinions." But now ...
Viewpoint -- New Priorities
In the wake of Sept. 11, business doesn't seem so significant.
Human Resources -- A Call For Civility
It's time to restore dignity and respect in the workplace.
Viewpoint -- Mailbag Holds The Pleas Of The Downtrodden
Reader response proves that civility is the exception not the rule in most workplaces.
Work/Family Balance Vital To All
Take responsibility as managers and individuals.
Human Resources -- Flexible Schedules Benefit All
Alternate work schedules put work and life in harmony.
Education A Profitable Investment For Business
A frequent lament of the business community is that it often has to hire new employees from a local work pool that increasingly lacks basic reading, writing and math skills. Indeed, it is estimated that a shocking 40% of the high-school graduates who ...
Viewpoint -- To Succeed, Change Everything
Technology has killed all the sacred cows of doing business.
OSHA's 'home office' misfire underscores the need for flexible ergonomics standards.
Viewpoint -- Big Business Needs To Return To Small-Town Ethics
Globalization makes it easy for companies to look the other way.
Human Resources -- Employees 'Stock Up' On UTC's Offer
Multifaceted education program benefits company and workers.
Human Resources -- How To Solve The Worker Shortage
Manufacturers must learn that an elephant won't fit in a house built for a giraffe.
Protection vs Compassion
Relying on insurance to prevent sexual bias losses is bad business.
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