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In her commentary and reporting for IndustryWeek, Editor-in-Chief Patricia Panchak covers world-class manufacturing industry strategies, best practices and public policy issues that affect manufacturers’ competitiveness. She delivers news and analysis—and reports the trends--in tax, trade and labor policy; federal, state and local government agencies and programs; and judicial, executive and legislative actions. As well, she shares case studies about how manufacturing executives can capitalize on the latest best practices to cut costs, boost productivity and increase profits.

As editor, she directs the strategic development of all IW editorial products, including the magazine,, research and information products, and executive conferences.

An award-winning editor, Panchak received the 2004 Jesse H. Neal Business Journalism Award for Signed Commentary and helped her staff earn the 2004 Neal Award for Subject-Related Series. She also has earned the American Business Media’s Midwest Award for Editorial Courage and Integrity.

Patricia holds bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and English from Bowling Green State University and a master’s degree in Journalism from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She lives in Cleveland Hts., Ohio, with her family.  

Articles by Patricia Panchak
The Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections Chart
The Manufacturer's Agenda: Fixing Our Workforce Education and Training Mistakes  1
After decades of ignoring manufacturing and production knowledge and skills development, the U.S. is starting to pay attention. National programs to recruit students to consider manufacturing careers and Bureau of Labor Statistics is tracking manufacturing-related skills.
Manufacturing Day, 2013, at GenMet Superior Metal Fabrication
Recruiting Students to Manufacturing Careers [SLIDESHOW]
National efforts to recruit students to manufacturing careers are picking up steam. Here are a few of the top programs.
The 2014 IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference, May 5 to 7 in Milwaukee
Lean, Continuous Improvement Strategies Take Center Stage at the 2014 IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference
Manufacturing operations executives will discover the successful strategies from manufacturers who are the best of the best, the winners of the IW Best Plants Award program.
Manufacturers Agenda: Continuous Learning in the Age of Social Media 
Why your continuing education plan requires both in-person and digital learning.
The Manufacturer's Agenda: US R&D Investment Lead Continues to Erode  1
China's R&D spending could surpass the U.S. by 2022, at current trends.
Major Technology Advances that Began with Federal Research Funding and Support [SLIDESHOW] 2
Federal funding matters: Learn which innovations got their start with government funding and support.
A lab-grown trachea in the incubator.
Human Organs Manufacturing Moves From Research Labs to Production Facility 1
Boston-based company increases production of synthetic tracheas to supply clinical trials.
The Manufacturer's Agenda: Tracking Manufacturing's Transformation  4
How the U.S. discovered the importance -- and true definition -- of "manufacturing." Make no mistake: Manufacturing is not just "making things" in factories; it's a business.
The Manufacturer's Agenda: How to Attract Millennials to Solve the Skilled Workforce Shortage  3
It seems I touched a nerve with last month's column calling for manufacturing leaders to do their part to solve the skilled worker shortage by changing how they lead production staff -- by treating them as professionals. If the response is any indication, you should know that this idea, while not new, is gaining widespread appeal and, with the millennial cohort coming aboard, increased urgency.
Manufacturer's Agenda: Toward a New Skilled Workforce Shortage Solution  13
Solving the skilled workforce challenge requires that we treat production workers with the respect of professionals.
Top Technological Advancements: Cast Your Vote Today! [SLIDESHOW]
View a quick preview of the Industrial Research Institute's TechTournament entries.
Manufacturer's Agenda: Solving Manufacturing's Lesser-Known Workforce Challenge  2
I see an overlooked manufacturing workforce challenge -- engaging the untapped ideas and energy of employees working on your factory floor. The good news is: You can find dozens of best practices and strategies in our coverage of the IW Best Plants winners.
IndustryWeek Best Plants logo
How IW Best Plants Engage Employees [SLIDESHOW]
Discover seven workforce best practices from recent IW Best Plants finalists and winners.
The Manufacturer's Agenda: A New Age of Manufacturing? 
Significantly, we celebrate the manufacturing milestones that are not so obvious to those whose attention waxes and wanes with U.S. manufacturing's economic fortunes. Take, for example, two articles in this issue,
U.S. manufacturing sector economy
The Data that Demonstrates Manufacturing's Importance to the US Economy [SLIDESHOW]
Think the U.S. "doesn't manufacture anything anymore?" Here are the charts that show how wrong you are.

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