Paul Myerson

Professor of Practice in Supply Chain Management,
Lehigh University
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Paul Myerson is Professor of Practice in Supply Chain Management at Lehigh University. He is the author of a Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Management (McGraw-Hill, 2012), developer of a Windows-based supply chain planning software (, and co-author of a lean supply chain and logistics management simulation training game by ENNA (

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Lean Supply Chains Make Winners of Us All 2
Companies with a lean, integrated, technologically savvy supply chain strategy will likely be the ones who end up on the winning side.
Today's Supply Chain Forecast: The Weather Will Change
A look at why some retailers have hired climatologists to help them with supply chain forecasting.
Can’t Turn Back Time: Cybersecurity Must Be Dealt With
80% of all cyber breaches occur in the supply chain, but too many companies are acting like the problem will fix itself.
So Much Data, So Little Time
Amazon’s latest idea for moving data faster is to put it on a truck.
Can the Trump Train Derail the Global Supply Chain? 4
Will Trump govern as he campaigned, or will his administration end up forming policies that are somewhat more moderate in impact?
E-Commerce is Driving the Industrial Real Estate Market
Many activities that were typically carried out within stores are now consolidated into logistics facilities.
You Can't Stop Supply Chain Risk -- You Can Only Hope to Contain It 2
Risk goes hand-in-hand with reward when it comes to operating in the global economy.
Supply Chain Technology Brings the World Closer Together
Technology can help the supply chain to bring companies and people closer together in today’s global economy.
Efforts Are Underway to Uber-ize Motor Carriers
New Uber-like apps could revolutionize the trucking industry.
The Battle for Supply Chain Talent Starts in Middle School
It's never too soon to start cultivating the hearts and minds of supply chain talent.
Distribution Disruption: Ready or Not, Here It Comes
Disruptive changes in distribution networks are dramatically reshaping current logistics models.
Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Drones?
Drone technology will have a significant impact on lean supply chains.
Don't Take Unnecessary Chances with Your Supply Chain
Put together a risk mitigation plan to avoid the types of risk with the greatest potential impact on your organization.
What a Tangled Supply Web We Weave 1
Today's supply chain is so complex and interconnected that some are saying it's more accurate to call it a supply web.
The Logistics of Efficient and Effective Purchasing
While the integration of your external supply chain is critical, companies should first make sure that their internal supply chain is truly integrated and collaborative to reach the full benefits of a lean supply chain.
Why Lean Training and Development Matter
September 9, 2015

Could be a variety of reasons, such as a disconnect between management and the Lean teams in terms of goals and measurables, Lean is a long term philosophy so changes don't...

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