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Survey: Manufacturers Anticipating Growth in Revenue, Employment and Capital Spending
Economic confidence on the upswing among small- and midsized-manufacturers, though concern remains over rising costs for raw materials, logistics and fears of inflation, according to Prime Advantage survey.
NIST Tackles Security Concerns on the Cloud
Study includes recommendations for securely configuring and using full computing virtualization technologies.
Bringing Harmony to Automation
GM's innovative assembly system at Toledo plant cuts line change times from weeks to hours.
CIO: Supply Chains Need to Harness IT
Software-driven business processes can create a competitive edge, says MSC Industrial Directs Bonomo.
Dell, IBM CEOs Present Plan to Save Government $1 Trillion
Palmisano and Dell lay out productivity agenda, warn that political wrangling undermining U.S. competitiveness.
Tapping Technology to Protect the Supply Chain
As cargo theft rises, more companies are deploying RFID to alert shippers of tampered cargo in real-time.
Raytheon Cuts the Waste and Grime in its Metal Fab
Long hindered by long set-up times and coolant costs, Andover relies on the experience of its workers.
MAG Forms Partnership for Composites Institute
Formed with Philadelphia University, institute will focus on research for new composites for industrial applications.
Manufacturers Are Redefining Themselves
With profits being squeezed and relentless pressure from abroad, manufacturers are looking beyond cost reduction and re-evaluating their value to customers and the products they produce.
Rapid Manufacturing Breaks Down Old Production Constraints
The technology has evolved from a niche tool for building prototypes to one gaining wider acceptance for batch manufacturing.
BMW Tackles Communication Overload
Automaker implements mobile integration into its Spartanburg facility, consolidating network features onto single device.
EPA's Emissions Regulations: The Dog That Didn't Bark?
While a battle brews over the EPA's rollout of regulations on greenhouse gases, an environmental law expert anticipates only mild impact to manufacturers.
AC Drives Market Poised for Growth
Heavy investments in energy sectors and infrastructure industries will drive need for medium voltage AC drives, says study.
iPhone-like Robot Being Designed to Cost Only $5,000
Heartland Robotics developing new class of PC-style robots, both highly intelligent and easily affordable.
Report: Cyber Attack Outages Usually Last 50 Hours
Symantec survey finds 44% of data on virtual systems is not regularly backed up.
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