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Focus: Manufacturing Technology & High-Tech Industries: Computer, Electronics, etc.

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Associate editor examines trends in manufacturing technology, covering developments in automation, robotics, digital tools and emerging technologies. He also reports on the best practices of the most successful high tech companies, including computer, electronics and industrial machinery / equipment manufacturers.

Travis returned to IndustryWeek in 2012 after working as an intern for the publication back in 2001 and later as a contributing writer.

Travis received his bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State University and his master’s in creative writing from the Northeast Ohio MFA consortium via Kent State.

anton humer, siemens
Building the Digital Factory
Under Anton Huber's control, Siemens' new Digital Factory division is charged with creating the high-tech backbone that could drive the next era of advanced manufacturing.
Peter Holicki
Teaching an Elephant to Dance: How Dow Chemical Keeps Innovation on Top
Dow’s three-part technology and innovation strategy helps keep the company nimble and quick despite 117 years of growth.
Five Tips to Fight the Talent Drain 
As the skills gap widens, the pressure for employers to retain their top-performing workers is growing intense. Companies need to take action before their best talent slips away.
America's Advanced Industries: New Challenges for a New Manufacturing 1
The Brookings Institution's report measures the enormous economic impact created by the merger of technology with manufacturing. But it also highlights some major workforce issues yet to come.
3-D Printing's Next New Hope  1
By combining 3-D printing and milling in the same build envelope, hybrid machining systems might move us even closer to one-button manufacturing.
Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company
Ford Saves the World
Ford CEO identifies three key technology enablers that will help bring mobility to the world.
mary barra, GM CEO
Mary Barra's Five Tips for Starting a New Job
General Motors CEO offers a little advice for workers ready to make their mark in a new career.
Best of CES 2015
This year's international Consumer Electronics Show was maybe a bit short on new products and breakthrough ideas, but it was packed full of novel applications of the biggest technologies of the day: 3-D printing, robots, drones and amazing self-driving machines.
2015: Predictions for a New Year of Manufacturing 1
2015, according to our sources, likely will be a year in which we’ll see the continued revitalization of U.S. manufacturing, the adoption of new game-changing technologies and increased hiring.
2014 sign made with fireworks
Top Stories of 2014
In 2014, IndustryWeek tracked the top trends in manufacturing, providing insight and analysis on the news affecting industry.
shoe inspector
Alibaba Goes to War Against Counterfeits
Over the last two years, China's Alibaba Group has invested over $161 million to help eradicate fake goods from its e-commerce sites.
ISS Commander Butch Wilmore
NASA Just Emailed a Wrench to Space
This ratcheting socket wrench is the first truly functional print of the International Space Station's on-board 3-D printer.
brian papke iw manufacturing leader
Riding the Manufacturing Tech Wave with Mazak
To Mazak President, Brian Papke, investment in high technology is core to not only the growth of his company, but the North American manufacturing as a whole.
Biomimicry: What Would Nature Do? 
To conquer some of the toughest challenges for 21st century design, manufacturers are turning to an R&D lab 3.8 billion years in the making: nature.
Nature Rules: 10 Biomimicry Projects that are Changing Product Design
Through most of the industrial age, we have been getting by on our own wits and inventions for new product designs. But now few savvy manufacturers are beginning look back at nature's laboratory to find solutions to some of our toughest design problems.
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