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Associate editor examines trends in manufacturing technology, covering developments in automation, robotics, digital tools and emerging technologies. He also reports on the best practices of the most successful high tech companies, including computer, electronics and industrial machinery / equipment manufacturers.

Travis returned to IndustryWeek in 2012 after working as an intern for the publication back in 2001 and later as a contributing writer.

Travis received his bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State University and his master’s in creative writing from the Northeast Ohio MFA consortium via Kent State.

the iphone saga
How to Build an iPhone: Apple's Tangled Manufacturing Web
On its way to the store shelves, Apple's iPhone 6 endured a journey through 785 suppliers, 31 countries and a million hands. This slideshow documents that journey and highlights the impact it has on US manufacturing and the global economy.
carlos cardoso
Manufacturing the American Dream
Kennametal's Carlos Cardoso climbed the industrial ladder all the way from 'shop rat' to CEO. As he prepares for retirement, he remains hopeful that manufacturing can offer the next generation the same opportunities it offered him.
Aldrin on the Moon
America Soars Back into the Space Age 1
NASA's decision to tap Boeing and SpaceX to drive the next generation of explorers to space propels American manufacturing to a new frontier.
Technology Editor Travis Hessman talks to XOEye Technologies' Andrew Blanco
Wearable Computing Has Arrived on the Factory Floor [VIDEO]
Wearable computing has arrived on the factory floor
IndustryWeek Technology Editor
Additive Manufacturing Moves from R&D to Production [VIDEO]
Additive Manufacturing Moves from R&D to Production
At IMTS, 3-D Printing Finds Its Niche Among Traditional Manufacturing Technology [VIDEO]
At IMTS 2014, 3-D printing companies are now full-fledged members of the manufacturing community, says Peter Eelman, AMT's VP of exhibitions and communications.
Memex Automation CEO David McPhail describes how data drives productivity and pr
Uncovering the Hidden Factory -- and Connecting it to the Business [VIDEO]
Memex Automation CEO David McPhail describes how data drives productivity and profitability.
3d printed part
3-D Printing at IMTS 2014
A top-to-bottom look at the 3-D printing technologies on display at IMTS 2014
Universal Robotics Demonstration
How to 'Program' a Robot in Less Than Two Minutes, at IMTS [VIDEO]
Universal Robots National Sales Manager Ed Mullen shows how easy it is to program their latest robot.
Robotics exclusive interview
What is the Value-Add from Next Generation Robots? [Video]
The latest from a leader in industrial robotics technology, Universal Robots National Sales Manager, Ed Mullen.
Robots of IMTS 2014
Robots are everywhere at McCormick Place this year, showing off their tricks and flexing their robotic muscles. There is something here for every manufacturer in every industry.
iPhone 6: Most Wanted Features 2

The next big Apple release is just days away. As usual, that means the tech rumor mill has been churning out a new round of theories, speculations and wild guesses about the devices and innovations the company will bring us this time.

Universal Robots' UR5 and UR10 robotic arms
Collaborative Robots Get a Safety Makeover
Universal Robots upgrades its robotic arms for safer, faster and more efficient automation.
Easy Automation: KUKA and the IMTS Robot Show
To prove its 'Automation Becomes Easy' thesis at IMTS this year, KUKA Robotics will be offering real-life demonstrations of the ease its machines offer. Which means robots on hand will be making a show of what they do best: actual industrial work.
Fuji's DLFn modular machining line
A New Twist on Modular Machining
Fuji's DLFn modular machining line combines up to 10 machining modules that can be swapped out, rearranged and designed to create whatever 'fully automatic line configuration' a job requires.
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