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Associate Editor,

Focus: Manufacturing Technology & High-Tech Industries: Computer, Electronics, etc.

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Associate editor examines trends in manufacturing technology, covering developments in automation, robotics, digital tools and emerging technologies. He also reports on the best practices of the most successful high tech companies, including computer, electronics and industrial machinery / equipment manufacturers.

Travis returned to IndustryWeek in 2012 after working as an intern for the publication back in 2001 and later as a contributing writer.

Travis received his bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State University and his master’s in creative writing from the Northeast Ohio MFA consortium via Kent State.

brian papke iw manufacturing leader
Riding the Manufacturing Tech Wave with Mazak
To Mazak President, Brian Papke, investment in high technology is core to not only the growth of his company, but the North American manufacturing as a whole.
Biomimicry: What Would Nature Do? 
To conquer some of the toughest challenges for 21st century design, manufacturers are turning to an R&D lab 3.8 billion years in the making: nature.
Nature Rules: 10 Biomimicry Projects that are Changing Product Design
Through most of the industrial age, we have been getting by on our own wits and inventions for new product designs. But now few savvy manufacturers are beginning look back at nature's laboratory to find solutions to some of our toughest design problems.
HP 3d print
18 Companies Leading the 3-D Printing Conversion 1
HP's move into 3-D printing is just the latest in a long list of major manufacturers who have jumped headfirst into the additive manufacturing business.
Prepare for Disruption: 3-D Printing and the 'Unimaginable Science Fiction' of the Future  1
With the 3-D printing boom on the horizon, cautiously awaiting the next big thing is risky business.
NASA Completes the First Successful 3-D Print in Space
3-D printing is officially out of this world.
apple logo
Risky Business: Life and Death in Apple's Supply Chain  4
The rise and fall of GT Advanced Technologies is a reminder of the heavy risks that accompany the potential rewards for Apple's tangled supplier web.
2014 Hall of Fame Inductee: Carl Deckard
Carl Deckard's invention of selective laser sintering cements his status as one of the founding fathers of 3-D printing.
tesla model s
Test-Driving the Tesla Model S 4
The Model S parked out front of Panasonic's American HQ signals a move in the company away from its consumer-oriented past and into the future of component technologies.
Todd Rytting, CTO, Panasonic NA
Building the New Panasonic
As the 20th century tech giants flounder and fade under the demands of today's changing technology landscape, Panasonic has found its footing.
The Toyota Way to Continuous Safety
The K-HYP system at Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing introduces safety into the quality conversation, where it belongs.
Compact fusion reactor
A Return to the Atomic Age 2
Lockheed Martin has released details on a pint-sized fusion reactor that could one day power just about everything.
aeromobil 3.0
Welcome to the Future: Aeromobil's Flying Car is Ready for Takeoff 4
Aeromobil's 'Flying Roadster' is everything science fiction promised: it's fast, futuristic and totally bizarre.
Bill Gates
Masters of Innovation: IndustryWeek's Technology Leaders of the Year
The one thing these winners all have in common is that they've changed the industry around them. These leaders arrived on the scene at the front edge of their fields and provided the last push to achieve transformational breakthroughs that echoed through their industries. These are the legends in the field, the leaders that changed technology forever.
Manufacturing Day
Manufacturing Day 2014: Around the Country
Manufacturers across the country are opening their doors to students, to the public for Manufacturing Day in a concerted effort to challenge misperceptions about industry.
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