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Focus: Manufacturing Technology & High-Tech Industries: Computer, Electronics, etc.

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Associate editor examines trends in manufacturing technology, covering developments in automation, robotics, digital tools and emerging technologies. He also reports on the best practices of the most successful high tech companies, including computer, electronics and industrial machinery / equipment manufacturers.

Travis returned to IndustryWeek in 2012 after working as an intern for the publication back in 2001 and later as a contributing writer.

Travis received his bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State University and his master’s in creative writing from the Northeast Ohio MFA consortium via Kent State.

It's Time to Embrace the Job-Killing Robots 4
The manufacturing renaissance isn't being built on sweat and labor; it's being built on ingenious robots, smart machines and industrial-minded, skilled workers. The job killing robots we all fear might actually be our best tool for job growth.
Black and white Apple product sign
2014 IW US 500: Tech's Top 10 Fastest Risers [SLIDESHOW]
This year's list shows us the true state of technology today. In our drive toward connection and data-fueled efficiency, the digital technology makers are finding markets far beyond phones and computers.
Take 5: Q&A with Conor MacCormack, CEO Mcor Technologies
Mcor's paper-based 3-D printers are a lesson in innovation: green, sustainable and running cheap, the company bucks all of the 3-D printing trends to find its own path in an emerging industry.
disruptive disruption
Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Eight Principles of Disruptive Innovation
Success today isn't just about innovation. It isn’t just about improving products and making things better. It's about disruption and reinvention.
iPod Steve Jobs
Masters of Disruption: Nine Manufacturing Reinvention Stories [SLIDESHOW]
To make it today, every company, big and small, new and old, have to be nimble and quick. They must be willing to jump markets, even whole industries, with start-up boldness just to keep pace with the frantic, shifting demands of their consumers.
avatar print
Best of RAPID 2014 [SLIDESHOW]
3-D printing finally breaks into real, hardcore manufacturing at SME's 21st annual RAPID conference and expo.
hybrid manufactured part
RAPID 2014: Hybrid Manufacturing Steals the Show
New tools combining the power of additive manufacturing with traditional subtractive techniques offer the next great hope for 3-D printing.
Innovation: By the Numbers 
Creating a culture of innovation can be as simple as following the numbers. But without strong guidance from the top, those numbers can sink your company.
Nike Magista
Have it Your Way: Manufacturing in the Age of Mass Customization 
New technologies are bringing personalized manufacturing strategies to a massive new scale. Trust Google to be at the forefront of the movement.
Avi Reichental
Take 5: Q&A with Avi Reichental, President & CEO, 3D Systems
Armed with a new mass production deal with Google and 30 years of company momentum, 3D Systems' chief thinks it's time to put 3-D printing in its rightful place: everywhere.
global ping
11 Biggest Industrial Cyberattacks... So Far [SLIDESHOW]
The U.S. Department of Justice's new fight against Chinese hackers has been a wake-up call to business leaders across the world. But to experienced manufacturers, industrial hacking is nothing new.
rodney brooks baxter rethink robotics
Robots, Reshoring and the Promise of the 21st Century 2
IW Best Plants keynote, Rodney Brooks, is designing tools to bring manufacturing up to date and back in the U.S.A.
Innovation: Why Startups Work  1
What do independent startups have that the deep pocket, established R&D labs don't? Nothing. And that's the point.
Smarter, Safer Robots Coming to US Manufacturing [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]
Robotics pioneer talks to IW's Travis Hessman at the 2014 Best Plants Conference.
Technology: The Secret Life of the American Factory  2
Even as manufacturers scramble to claim every last tick of incremental improvements, there are still enormous pockets of inefficiencies hidden all around them. To find them, they need to take a deep dive into big data.
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