Manufacturing Savvy

95% of the World's Consumers Live Outside of U.S.

That’s an interesting statistic. It certainly highlights the need to export.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce states this even more simply -- Global Customers = American Jobs

“The equation is simple,” the group says.  “The more sales American companies book, the more American workers they will hire to fill those orders. So when 95% of the people we want to sell something to live outside of the United States, we must open foreign markets to American goods and services so we can create jobs at home.”

According to the Dept. of Commerce’s International Trade Commission, in 2011 U.S exports of both goods and services totaled $2.1 trillion.

Exports now account for 13.8% of our country’s GDP.

The National Association of Manufacturers is urging the country’s manufacturing sector to understand the implication of these numbers.

Last week NAM announced it was joining the Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports and took the opportunity to bring the point home.

 "Our competitors are busy working to take away our mantle of economic leadership," CEO Jay Timmons said. "To keep manufacturers competitive globally, we must take action to implement policies that support investment and job growth. Strengthening trade in the Pacific Northwest will increase exports and create jobs that support the local economies and help drive manufacturing growth.”

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