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Bill Wilder, Learning is Change
May 08, 2014

Results or Competencies?1

To drive improved results you really need to focus on whether you are building the right competencies where they are needed and sustaining the new....More
May 01, 2014

Chinese Rooms, Garbage and Change Management1

Rules-based systems behave intelligently as long as the inputs make sense. When those inputs – competitive changes, organizational changes, random....More
Bill Wilder_Learning is Change
Apr 24, 2014

Will I See You at the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference?

Receive practical advice and tools from a change management practitioner for executing change management activities....More
Bill Wilder-Learning is Change
Apr 17, 2014

Are You Resistance?

People do not resist change. They love it. They seek it out. They sacrifice money and time to get it. Why else would they play the lottery or join a....More
Apr 10, 2014

Herding Icebergs

In the workplace and in life, we are all icebergs floating along, pretending the bit of frozen water we can see is all there is and ignoring the....More
Bill Wilder, Learning is Change
Apr 03, 2014

Communities of Practice and Change Management: Part 3

Read best practices for setting up and maintaining communities of practice....More
Bill Wilder, Learning is Change blog
Mar 27, 2014

Communities of Practice and Change Management: Part 2

Communities of practice can help companies move toward greater change management maturity....More
Bill Wilder, Learning is Change
Mar 20, 2014

Communities of Practice and Change Management: Part 1

Communities of practice are based on a universal human quality: the drive to join together to solve common problems through social learning....More
Bill Wilder, Learning is Change
Mar 13, 2014

Rules or Principles1

Do your policies promote blind obedience or creative contemplation?....More
Mar 06, 2014

ISO 55000: Asset Management Policy -- Communicate!

It is not only required that there is a policy, but there must be clear evidence that the policy is communicated....More
Bill Wilder, Learning is Change
Feb 27, 2014

ISO 55000: Leadership and Commitment

Clause 5 of the IS0 55000 standard for asset management describes three requirements of leadership....More
Learning is Change, Bill Wilder
Feb 20, 2014

ISO 55000: Leading the Change2

ISO55000 is the first international standard that establishes requirements for the governance of a risk-based asset management system....More
Feb 13, 2014

Culture and Change Management1

If the culture of an organization is not closely aligned with the company’s strategic goals, a major change is going to be harder to pull off....More
Bill Wilder, Learning is Change
Feb 06, 2014

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

We need to be consistent in our change message and our actions....More
Jan 30, 2014

Behavior is Logical?

When human beings choose to release themselves from a commitment to change, whether in their personal or work lives, they are always acting....More

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