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Jan 08, 2013

Enjoy the Fruits of Empire, for Now

The best advice is to tune out the circus and enjoy the benefits of empire, at least for a little while more…....More
Jan 01, 2013

For a Good Year, Turn Down Your Amygdala

We are biologically wired for bad news. Good 50,000 years ago. Not so today....More
Dec 20, 2012

A Christmas Message from Ancient Greece

The words of Pericles are still pertinent for us 2,500 years after they were spoken....More
Dec 01, 2012

Where Do the Smartest People Work?

One of my students, a soon-to-be MBA graduate, asked me a great question last week: “Where are the smartest people in America today?....More
Nov 08, 2012

The Myth of the Rust Belt's Decline

The Rust Belt, for all of its challenges, remains one of the richest places in the world....More
Oct 21, 2012

America's Great Dilemma

If you listen to the rhetoric from the candidates one regularly hears such hyperbolic phrases as “the most important election in a generation”; “the....More
Oct 01, 2012

Your Customers and "The 10% Rule"

In our book The Distribution Trap, Timothy Wilkinson and myself detailed what we call “The 10% Rule” Simply stated it is this: A company....More
Sep 14, 2012

When Innovation Became Cool

The creation of new products and services is regularly celebrated around the world.  Think about the hype surrounding the release of the new....More
Sep 07, 2012

The Election, Capitalism, and Democracy

As we are each capitalists and democrats, it seems fitting to look at some compelling notions surrounding how capitalism and democracy work -- or don....More
Aug 26, 2012

Let's Hear It For the Engineers!

A tip of the hat to the engineers of America....More
Aug 17, 2012

Getting a Grip on the Business Cycle

A look at measuring how well business is moving....More
Aug 08, 2012

Does Talent Really Matter?

The differences between "just practice" and "deliberate practice" are explored....More
Jul 26, 2012

The Panama Canal Expansion: On-Time and Under Budget

Nothing so revolutionary in its effect on the global supply chain as the opening of the Panama Canal had happened since railroads replaced overland....More
Jul 13, 2012

Incoming Chinese Premier: Don't Trust Our Economic Data

I have been writing here for the past two years that China’s economic demise has been well underway since at least 2007. Further evidence....More
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This would be valid if only colleagues could interact. I have seen many workplaces in large organizations where only management can interact. All infomation must flow through managers. To make it worse the work layout does not support interactions. ... If you want the benefits of co-location you have to have the right management structure and the right physical structure!!!

on Feb. 26, 2013
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