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Jun 10, 2014

World Bank Lowers Outlook for Global Economy1

Despite a "tailwind" from high-income countries such as the United States, developing countries are headed for another year of sub-5% growth,....More
Apr 22, 2014

Energy Change You Can't Believe In2

Manufacturers in a recent poll say they are skeptical about an "energy premium" and, if one comes, unlikely to spend the windfall on more workers....More
Apr 09, 2014

Where Should You Go for Low-Cost Manufacturing?1

Asked what location they considered to be the most attractive for low-cost manufacturing aimed at the North American market, executives at small-to-....More
Apr 02, 2014

After the Recovery: What Will the New Normal Look Like?

Expect slower growth in the U.S. economy unless the government takes action on education and immigration, warns a new research report from TD....More
Mar 26, 2014

Manufacturing Census Report: No One Thought It Would Be Pretty (INFOGRAPHIC)

The United States lost 35,931 manufacturing establishments in the wake of the Great Recession, according to the 2012 Economic Census advance report....More
Mar 18, 2014

Vladimir Putin and the Amazing Flying Car

Now that Russia has annexed Crimea, there remains the pesky issue of getting there from Russia. Let's assume for now that Russia won't grab any more....More
Mar 11, 2014

Small Business Optimism Takes a Dive

Uncertainty stemming from Washington blamed for sharp dip in small business optimism....More
Feb 13, 2014

The Manufacturing GPS: Where Are We Now?2

I was pleased when a young engineer came up to me and said that my talk had made him feel better about his career in manufacturing. I was speaking to....More
Feb 07, 2014

January Employment 'Little Changed' -- Rut-Roh

The gain of 113,000 jobs in January reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will do little to spark the economy....More
Feb 06, 2014

Trade Deficit Remains 'Substantial Threat' to US Manufacturing1

Aside from energy, the US trade deficit in goods continued to rise in 2013....More
Feb 05, 2014

Just What Do They Put in a Chicken McNugget?

McDonald's Canada has released a video to answer that burning question: Is there pink slime in a Chicken McNugget?....More
Feb 04, 2014

3-D Printing: One Small Step for a Greener Airplane?1

Airbus Group Innovations and EOS, a 3-D printing company, recently conducted an environmental comparison between a conventional aircraft bracket and....More
Feb 03, 2014

Are We Getting Our Manufacturing Signals Crossed?

Economist Alan Tonelson says the PMI suffers from a more fundamental problem – its forecasts don’t line up with the actual government data....More
Jan 31, 2014

File This Under Wish It Were True1

In his State of the Union address (looking at the ratings, apparently a huge win for Netflix and Xbox), President Obama enthusiastically declared:....More
Jan 28, 2014

Unconditional Love for the State of the Union2

The State of the Union address is almost upon us. In official Washington circles, this is known as the Day of Maximum Help, for groups far and wide....More
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