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Sep 24, 2013

Chemical Index Shows Strengthening US Economy

There is good news ahead for the U.S. economy according to the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), a leading economic indicator produced by the....More
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Sep 19, 2013

FedEx's Fred Smith: 'Broken' Tax System Discourages Manufacturing Investment

How can U.S. policymakers attack the long-term trend of lower GDP growth and create jobs? FedEx Chairman and CEO Fred Smith says the answer is....More
Sep 17, 2013

Is Help on the Way for Manufacturing R&D?

Dean Zerbe's IndustryWeek article on the manufacturing R....More
Sep 13, 2013

Is Energy Production Imperiling the US Water Supply?

Hydraulic fracturing to develop natural gas has been called one of the great technological breakthroughs of the 20thcentury. But a new report....More
Aug 29, 2013

Higher Oil Prices Won't Hurt Global Economic Growth

Don't expect the recent rise in oil prices caused by concerns over Syria to dampen global growth. That’s the opinion of Bill Adams, senior....More
Jul 25, 2013

Sperling's Defense of Manufacturing

Innovation was front and center in Gene Sperling's spirited defense of manufacturing at the Brookings Institution today. Sperling, director of....More
Jul 23, 2013

Chemical Index Points to Improved US Economy

The U.S. economy is moving from "slow" to "moderate" growth, according to the Chemical Activity Barometer released today. Launched by the American....More
Jun 20, 2013

How Do You Become a Thriving Company?

Since 2006, McGladrey, the tax and consulting firm, has been collecting information on the practices of “thriving” companies for its....More
Jun 11, 2013

Manufacturing Profits Up in 1Q 2013

U.S. manufacturing corporations saw their seasonally adjusted after-tax profits for the first quarter of 2013 total $152.5 billion, up $14.4....More
May 31, 2013

Europe's Continuing Employment Crisis

There has been a sigh of relief coming out of Europe recently as the economy shows signs of stabilizing. Calling 2012 a “nasty year for the....More
Small Business and the Optimism Gap
May 29, 2013

Small Business and the Optimism Gap

Look at an issue in America and you’ll find a gap – a wage gap, education gap, skills gap, leadership gap, connectivity gap....More
Apr 16, 2013

After Boston, A Wave on the Road

The bombs went off right around the time I would have been crossing the finish line if I had been in yesterday’s Boston Marathon. My daughter....More
Apr 05, 2013

Economics: The Week in Review

An eventful and choppy week for economic data as the U.S. economy continued to recover from the Great Recession in fits and starts. Concerns grew....More
Apr 04, 2013

Apple Pie Offers a Slice of American Products

Add online retailer Apple Pie to the growing list of organizations seeking to promote Made in the USA products. The Seattle, Wash.-based retailer....More
Mar 22, 2013

Medical Device Manufacturers Achieve Symbolic Victory

Despite a Senate vote in favor of repealing the medical device tax, don't bet on manufacturers escaping the new tax. On Thursday, the Senate....More
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