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This Holiday Season Choose America

Often we feel that we have no influence over economic issues. They are too complex and currently too global in nature.

But we can have an effect, and a large one at that.

In an article on IW “December is Made in America Month,” by Julie Reiser, she shared some interesting statistics.  

A recent study by the National Retail federation revealed that the average American will spend $700 in holiday purchases this year for a total of $465 billion. If that money was spent entirely on U.S.- made products it would create 4.6 million jobs.

While it may unrealistic to have all of the holiday purchases made in the U.S. a news commentator used $64 as a point of reference and explained that spending that amount could create 200,000 jobs.

To make it easier to find out which products are U.S. made, here is a list.

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on Dec 13, 2012

A somewhat bogus proposition. Sure let's all buy American and put dock workers, truckers, Walmart stockers and millions employed by importers out of work. Do all the raw materials for your "Made in the USA" list come from inside our shores? Not from my experience. I work for a "Made in the USA" manufacturer; but much of the steel is imported, electrical components most likely, even the wood for pallets sometimes is marked from Canada. The answer to how to continue manufacturing in the USA is not to pay a premium for a label; but to make the manufacturing process as efficient and customer responsive as possible so there is no premium. Then not only will US buyers spend; but exports will expand.

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