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Innovation Of The Day -- Mobile Phone Meets ... Ski Goggles?

Fresh off their release of another industry groundbreaker -- the world's first GPS-equipped snow goggles -- goggle manufacturer Recon is releasing a revolutionary product which uses the Google Android operating system to transform their ski goggles from "eye protection" into "eye extension".

Some of the more innovative features include:

Real-time navigational system which allows for tracking of friends/family
Heads up display
Direct-to-eye trail maps
Bluetooth capability allowing user to connect with their smartphone
Music playlists, caller ID, or -- and this is the real (bad pun) eye-opener -- Bluetooth connectivity with wireless video camera equipment, allowing the goggles to be used as a viewfinder for the camera

There are even more features listed, and best of all, Recon is planning to open the software development kit (SDK) so that app developers can go to town (or, the back country) on creating applications for the goggles to run.

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