Gaining a Supply Chain Edge

It's Time to Get Back on the Supply Chain IT Horse

Every day, we hear about the latest gadgets, software, electronics and technologies that promise to enhance our lives.

And what you buy as cutting-edge today can be old hat tomorrow. So yes, new technologies are infiltrating our lives with constant upgrades and improvements that are hard to keep up with, but they have also proven to be useful in many ways.

Unfortunately, while the rest of the world has been advancing, a number of companies were forced to go extremely lean during the recession. They cut back on supply chain information technology and ultimately became stagnant in ways that would really serve to boost their profitability and customer service.

While it may have made sense to cut back in the past few years, now is the time for companies to regain that competitive edge and strategically set priorities for IT. It's a prime time to decide whether you will upgrade or replace your technology, establish the next step in your WMS strategy, and get a handle on SaaS and the Cloud.

The list doesn't stop there. Read more about industry experts' Top 11 Priorities for Supply Chain IT in 2011 and figure out how your company can act now to secure profitable growth this year.

What are your 2011 IT goals for supply chain? Do you have others that are missing from this list?

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