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Lockheed Martin Hits Target

In this case the target is energy, and environmental impact reduction.

The company, in 2008, announced its plan to reduce by 25% its water, waste-to-landfill and greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2012, based on 2007 baseline performance.

It has already hit one of these goals. From 2009 until 2010 the company decreased waste to landfill by 1.1 million pounds which is a reduction of 26% since 2007. They achieved this by expanding recycling programs and working with vendors to eliminate excess packaging.

Other accomplishments that are close to the goal include:

Reduced water usage by 136 million gallons from 2009 to 2010, and by 22% since 2007, by upgrading to low flow plumbing fixtures, making improvements to cooling towers and installing landscaping that requires less water

Cut carbon emissions by 95,000 metric ton CO2 equivalents from 2009 to 2010, and by 15% since 2007 through a combination of energy efficiency initiatives and the purchase of renewable wind and solar energy and renewable energy credits

Expanded its greening the supply chain program, working with 51 indirect and IT suppliers. A program with Staples has achieved financial benefits and led to saving nearly 9,000 trees by using more recycled content in 2010. Working with Dell, Lockheed Martin eliminated extra packaging by insisting that computers be shipped in multipacks or recycled containers

Launched a "green information technology" program, which has consolidated 4,000 data servers since 2008, resulting in a savings of 26 million kWh of electricity consumption and $2.6 million in annual costs

To view the company's 2010 Corporate Energy, Environment, Safety and Health Report click here.

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