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Interesting quick slideshow/article by Eric Markowitz at Inc. Magazine briefly describing six companies that have brought manufacturing back to US shores.

Leaders cite growing labor costs, efficiencies of shorter supply chains, "Made In USA" branding advantages (as with Buck Knives) and product quality as decision-making differentiators. I'd guess the business strategy teams at large enterprises are also looking at the emphasis on manufacturing compeititveness of both the Obama and Santorum political teams -- and the toughening of rhetoric around Chinese currency manipulation -- as additional inputs to arrive at similar decisions.

Anyone looking for support for "reshoring" should send this link around.

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on Jul 16, 2012

The interviewees expressed the very sentiments we stated 25 years ago when our CEO told us he was offshoring components for the heavy duty cranking motors we manufactured for military and commercial trucks. It turned out to be a fiasco in spite of our best efforts to continue manufacture and support our customers. Chinese sheet steel had weld splices in it which damaged the dies in our high speed stamping presses. Shift solenoids from India could not hold the necessary tolerances so we had to add an adjustment to the starter drive shift mechanism to accommodate the inaccuracies, obliterating the cost savings from the solenoid. The result: the company is now "on the block", a mere shadow of its former self. I have an old Buck knife at home and recieved a new one as a gift. The new one has the "C" word on it and is only good for opening envelopes.

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