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Apr 02, 2013

"The Corruption of Capitalism": Our Take on David Stockman's Op-Ed

David Stockman's recent op-ed on the future U.S. economy is wholly consistent with our long-range forecast of U.S. economic challenges....More
Mar 28, 2013

Market Share Gains Are a Priority for 2014

Don’t get carried away with extending economic good news in 2013 straight through 2014; there are signals of future cyclical risk....More
Mar 26, 2013

Watching the Road Signs for a Look Ahead

Plan for growth in most markets in 2013, but don’t be blind to the road signs that may tell us we have a different trend ahead for 2014....More
Mar 22, 2013

Thinking About Higher Interest Rates and Lower Taxes

It would be great if the US came to the realization that lower taxes are good for economic growth....More
Mar 19, 2013

Positive News from Europe -- Germans Balance the Budget

Germany’s ruling coalition is leading by example on budgets and deficit reduction....More
Mar 14, 2013

Swiss Egalitarianism Runs Amuck With Executive Pay Limits

Egalitarianism has run amuck as Switzerland puts in place extreme rules curbing executive pay and power....More
Mar 13, 2013

The China Housing Bubble

China faces two different housing problems which, with the announcement of new government intervention, will not drag on the economy in China....More
Mar 07, 2013

Stock Market At Record High But Will It Last?

It would be wonderful to tell you that this great stock market rising trend can extend a lot further; but we don’t think it can....More
Mar 05, 2013

Caught in the Middle: Rising Costs and Declining Disposable Income Put the Squeeze on American Consumers

Declining incomes due to rising taxes and cost of living will contribute to an economic slowdown later this year....More
Mar 01, 2013

While There's Good News in Housing, Keep a Watchful Eye on the Future

Keep optimism over the good news from the housing industry in perspective, and remember that next year may prove more challenging....More
Feb 26, 2013

Keeping Sequestration in Long-Term Perspective

We have to face the choice of accepting spending cuts now or later. The difficulties will only be greater if we delay....More
Feb 22, 2013

Some Federal Reserve Board Members Expressing Concern on Easy-Money Policies

Some Federal Reserve Board members are growing uneasy over the central bank’s easy-money policies, commonly known as Quantitative Easing....More
Feb 21, 2013

If the US Can't Begin Serious Spending Reductions Now, When Will It?

Unrealistic economic growth expectations won’t solve our fiscal woes; instead, we need to move ahead with government spending reductions....More
Feb 14, 2013

Oh Canada: Canadian Markets and Fiscal Policies Are Positive Examples for the US

Canadian markets such as housing and taxation and revenue policies give the US a worthy example to follow....More
Feb 12, 2013

Healthy Trends in the US Energy Sector Bode Well for the Future

Positive developments in the US energy industry can provide long-term benefits to the US economy....More

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