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May 07, 2012

10 Manufacturers Who Make Everything You Consume

... or so insinuates the ever-evocative headline from the Huffington Post. Nestle, P....More
Apr 03, 2012

Apple, P&G, GE, HP, Qualcomm and Lockheed Leaders Top The Glassdoor 25

Crowdsourced careers/salary site brings us yet another example of using the social web to source a diverse set of viewpoints, this time....More
Mar 25, 2012

Made (Once Again) In The USA1

Interesting quick slideshow/article by Eric Markowitz at Inc. Magazine briefly describing six companies that have brought manufacturing back to US....More
Feb 16, 2012

Innovation Of The Day: Your iPhone Can Control Your Car2

Siri, the "personal digital assistant" loaded into the Apple iPhone 4S, can give restaurant recommendations and tell you the weather. However, with a....More
Dec 14, 2011

Apple, Southwest, Wal-Mart All Targets Of Facebook Scams I was going to title this blog post, "What do these three brands and....More
Nov 18, 2011

America Still Manufactures At Least 17 Great Things

... 18 if you count "Top 10" lists. I came across two lists -- one from CBS and one from The Street -- that both purported to describe the top 10....More
Nov 14, 2011

The Robots Are Coming. Whose Job Will They Take Now?

Video going round and round the Google Plus rounds today of what is apparently the latest model of humanoid robot from Japan. Consensus is, A) it's....More
Nov 07, 2011

Digital Price Tags - The Antidote To Price Transparency?

A couple quick musings inspired by a Google Plus discussion. (If you haven't seen G+ yet, you can look me up and join the discussion here.) Noted....More
Oct 27, 2011

Chinese Government Bans Search Terms For Occupy Wall Street

Interesting bit of news out of China Digital Times, which has launched a crowdsourced investigation into exactly how and where the Chinese government....More
Oct 25, 2011

Cool Thing Of The Day: Exploded Diagram Of VW Bug ... In An Art Gallery

Every once in a while, I come across something tangential to my real mission in this blog (next-gen marketing and emerging technology) but....More
Oct 20, 2011

Web Browsing While At Work Boosts Productivity, Morale

A recent WSJ story highlighted a research management paper entitled "Impact of Cyberloafing on Psychological Engagement" which surfaced the following....More
Oct 14, 2011

Innovation Of The Day: Smartphone Hologram Generator

Today's emerging technology story showcases yet again how the natural evolution of a product category can be accelerated by a determined crowd of....More
Oct 10, 2011

Manufacturers Rule "Recession-Proof" List

The insight-mongers over at 24/7WallSt recently pulled together a list of what they consider to be America's "recession-proof" companies, and despite....More
Oct 05, 2011

Five Manufacturers Make Top 25 Companies For Careers

The salary crowdsourcing site Glassdoor has released a list of the top 25 corporations, as ranked by the employees themselves, based on a list of....More
Sep 30, 2011

Cool Thing Of The Day: Time-Lapse Video Of Lego Ford Explorer

The building of the Ford "Lego logo" is especially cool. Without further comment:....More
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