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Sep 22, 2011

Are You On LinkedIn? Then Know That They're Watching You

Word to the wise: oversharing has its price. And if you're in a position of responsibility in a large company, consider yourself on notice that you'....More
Sep 15, 2011

Innovation Of The Day: iPad Controlled Hovercraft/Copter

Those of us who grew up in the Atari era realize that videogames have gotten an entire order of magnitude more complex over the years. This....More
Sep 08, 2011

17 Profitable Products Invented By Accident

Here's a great rundown by of some of the most surprising (and profitable) "happy accidents" in the history of manufacturing. The list....More
Sep 05, 2011

MBA 101 -- Calculating Customer Lifetime Value? You Could Do Worse Than Starbucks

Everyone's favorite (or, at least by market size, most everyone's favorite) coffee chain gets a shout out via Fast Company for its CLV calculations....More
Aug 16, 2011

Starbucks CEO: Businesses Should Withhold Political Donations Until Politicians Grow Up

I like this guy -- and it's not just for the coffee. According to a story in AFP, Howard Schultz has brewed up a plan to make politicians behave that....More
Aug 14, 2011

10 Absolutely Useless (But All-Too-Common) Resume Phrases

Are you a self-motivated, bottom line-focused team player with a proven track record of success in a fast-paced environment due to your strong work....More
Aug 10, 2011

Use Facebook? Then You Might Want To Read This

Citing privacy concerns, the hacker group Anonymous has set its gaze on the world's largest social network, vowing to tear Facebook down on Nov. 5th....More
Aug 10, 2011

Apple Passes Exxon Mobil To Become MVP

So it's a volatile, anything-can-happen day on Wall Street (don't you just *love* those?), but one with an important milestone for the tech....More
Jul 27, 2011

Hummer Homes: The Ultimate In Recycling

According to an article on design site Dornob, two forward-thinking architects have examined the soon-to-expire Hummer and found that "sheet-metal....More
Jul 23, 2011

Ford Gets Account Knocked Off Google Plus

Looks like Ford is (along with Sesame Street!) suffering the pains of early adoption of Google's popular new social network offering....More
Jul 19, 2011

Ford Scores With Dems, Repubs, Independents and LGBT

Interesting data point from a BrandIndex study by YouGov that asked consumers "if they have heard anything about a brand in the past two weeks and if....More
Jul 18, 2011

Study Documents College Grade Inflation Over Time

Interesting recent study noted on the NY Times Economix blog in which two well-known education researchers "collected historical data on letter....More
Jul 09, 2011

19 Most Hated Companies In America

... and not one manufacturer on the list!The American Customer Satisfaction Index rates companies based on thousands of surveys. In the latest index....More
Jul 06, 2011

Swiss Political Party Seeks To Ban PowerPoint

... and conference rooms everywhere let out a hearty cheer. But it's not just a morale-saving move -- it will also save money too: "According to the....More
Jun 30, 2011

Is Your Car Actually "Made In The USA"?

Check out this handy interactive infographic from the NY Times to find out. And here's the link to the related....More
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