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New Year Resolution To "Get Smarter"? Here Are 1000+ Links To Help


Looking to increase your skillset and knowledge in Computer Science and Technology, Finance and Economics, Science and Medicine, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Classics, Humanities and/or Law to make yourself more productive in 2013? Look no further than these 1000+ links.

To be successful in today's ever-changing, globally-competitive business landscape, you need to be a relentless self-improver, the dictionary definition of "motivated self starter." And if you're looking to live up to the label, your lifelong learning needs goals need to be set, and lifelong learning needs to be met.

The great thing is, the information access revolution that has disrupted dozens of industries is now working its magic on the modern university system; a macrotrend that has led to a democratization of access to top-tier educational institutions that is unparalleled in the modern (or, to be frank, the ancient) world. Universities from coast to coast and sea to shining sea have begun posting their best/brightest coursework online, for free, available to anyone with a browser and internet connection; even top-shelf brands like Stanford and Michigan are freeing formerly "paywalled" content to aspiring students young, old, and in between (as well as here, far away and in between).

So if you're looking to make 2013 the year that you broadened and heightened your horizons, check the links below and let us know in the comments which new knowledge paths you're traveling in your journey to a better and smarter (and, more hireable/promote-able) "you". 

More than 1000 free online educational resources links start here:  

Have a great and productive 2013!

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