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Podcast: Talking Toyota and Ford and Cars

People just can't stop talking about our cover story on the Toyota Product Development System (not to be confused with the Toyota Production System). This week I was invited to join a panel discussion called "Talking Cars," which not only looked at what Toyota is doing right, but at what the Detroit Three are doing that's not so right, and what implications that has for the future of the auto industry. As you can imagine, Ford's recent troubles (i.e., losing $12.7 billion for the year) is causing quite a bit of hand-wringing here in the Rust Belt, and folks want to know what'll be the next shoe to drop.

If you click on this link here, you'll be able to listen to (or if you want to, download in an MP3 format) a radio broadcast on WCPN, the public radio station in Cleveland. Scroll down to Tuesday, February 5 (unless you're really interested in what's going on in Cleveland, in which case you can listen to anything else you see there, too).

The entire program runs for about an hour.

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