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technology trends
Mar 27, 2014

The Robots are Coming!

Cyberdyne's debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange sends a strong message to the industry and to the world: The robots are coming. Heck, they're already....More
technology trends
Feb 13, 2014

Fear, Frenzy and the Birth of an Industry at GE's 3-D Printing Lab

There's a tsunami coming and the industry had better to learn to swim. Fast....More
Jan 30, 2014

3-D Printing: In Search of the Real Thing

Whether it's ultra-detailed prototypes or industrial-strength finished parts, what professional 3-D printers need is something real and familiar,....More
IW technology editor Travis Hessman
Dec 17, 2013

The 3D Printing 360

After months of development, testing and coordinated efforts, we have officially launched a new newsletter aimed directly at 3-D printing and the....More
Dec 10, 2013

Ford and Siemens: Googling the Future of Manufacturing

This is the future: a smooth synthesis between the physical and the virtual worlds—a seamless integration between things and information, between....More
Dec 04, 2013

IRI Crowns its Technology Champion

IRI has spent the last six months examining all of the technologies, innovations and inventions developed over the past 75 years to determine which....More
Dec 03, 2013

Happy 3-D Printing Day!

GE has officially dubbed Dec. 3, 3-D Printing Day to wrap up its yearlong additive manufacturing media blitz....More
technology trends travis hessman
Nov 13, 2013

Ringing in the Future

Surrounded by industry insiders and company executives, with all the pageantry of high finance historical firsts, Universal Robots' UR5 robot arm....More
technology trends travis hessman
Sep 19, 2013

Setting Some Standards for 3-D Printing

If the additive manufacturing industry is ever going to take off, it needs to do so on an even field, playing by the same rules as the rest of the....More
technology trends travis hessman
Sep 06, 2013

The Road to Failure: Nokia, Blackberry and... Apple?

To stay alive, to stay relevant, top companies have to continue to invest in groundbreaking, disruptive technologies – the same investments that got....More
Aug 15, 2013

Technologies that Matter

Twenty years ago, John Teresko – the godfather of manufacturing technology here at IndustryWeek – began documenting the best....More
cybersecurity quiz
Jun 03, 2013

How Vulnerable Are You? A Digital Security Quiz

In light of the recent rise in cyber attacks aimed at corporations and manufacturers, the now standard BYOD policies governing the use of smartphones....More
technology trends manufacturing
May 28, 2013

IRI Jubilee Geek Out: The Big Business of Saving the World

I'm fresh back in the office from IRI's 75th annual meeting in DC – an innovation leadership extravaganza that pulled together the....More
technology trends travis hessman
May 07, 2013

The 3-D Printed Gun and the Danger of Ideas

Even before Cody Wilson posted the files for his 3-D printed gun, the project had launched a hailstorm of criticism and condemnation from lawmakers,....More
Technology Trends hessman
Jan 15, 2013

Apple Loses its Cool

I've had this feeling about Apple for some time -- this kind of sense that things weren't right, though I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly....More
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