Andrew R. Thomas

Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business , University of Akron

Andrew R. Thomas, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Akron and a bestselling business author, whose 15 books include, most recently, Soft Landing: Airline Industry Strategy, Service and Safety and The Final Journey of the Saturn V.

His book The Distribution Trap was awarded the Berry-American Marketing Association Prize for the Best Marketing Book of 2010. Another work, Direct Marketing in Action, was a finalist for the same award in 2008.

Andrew is founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Transportation Security, contributing editor at IndustryWeek, and a regularly featured analyst for media outlets around the world.

He has traveled to and conducted business in 120 countries on all seven continents.

Posts by Andrew R. Thomas

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I tell my students at the beginning of each semester that ideas have consequences. And, that a grand idea, which does not work, can be very, very....More

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Grills Done the American Way

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Fracking in Europe

I am wrapping up a month-long journey across the Old World and have spoken with many public officials, business leaders, and others about America....More
The Relentless Pursuit of Big Volume

The Relentless Pursuit of Big Volume

How many times have you heard- or said- something like, “Volume covers all sins”? Or, similarly, “If we could just produce and....More
Andrew R. Thomas

Big Data and the Value of Doubt

The rise of “Big Data” is being praised in business schools and pushed by consultants as the tectonic force of the future....More
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This would be valid if only colleagues could interact. I have seen many workplaces in large organizations where only management can interact. All infomation must flow through managers. To make it worse the work layout does not support interactions. ... If you want the benefits of co-location you have to have the right management structure and the right physical structure!!!

on Feb. 26, 2013
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