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Paul D. Ericksen has 38 years of experience in industry, primarily in supply management at two large original equipment manufacturers. At the second he was chief procurement officer. After this, Ericksen headed up a multi-year supply chain flexibility initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. He presently is an executive level consultant in both manufacturing and supply chain, counting Fortune 100 companies among his clientele. His articles on supply management issues have been published in APICS, Industrial Engineering, Purchasing Today, Target and other periodicals.

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Paul Ericksen's Blog has Moved!

Read Paul Erickson's latest Supply Chain commentary on IndustryWeek's Ideaxchange....More

Everyone's Got to Eat

The goal of every OEM’s procurement function should be lean, not anorexic, supply chain performance....More

The Overlap between Employees and Suppliers

The primary function of Supply Management is to be a mentor to its suppliers....More

Supply Management Strategies to be Avoided

Putting a common price reduction goal in front of all suppliers can actually lead to counter-productive results....More

Supply Management Policies: Consensus Building and Communication

Supply Management must engage and gain buy-in from the other affected functional areas in their own organization....More

Supply Management Policies and How to Manage Them

Executives aren’t above putting their personal and department needs above company benefit....More

Where Should Supply Management Report in a Manufacturing Organization’s Hierarchy?

Supply management should not report to product engineering or to finance, so which department should they report to?....More

How to Manage Your Strategic Suppliers

Supplier contracts may be necessary but they cannot really change business fundamentals....More

The Strategy Behind Choosing Strategic Suppliers

The strategy OEMs should employ with strategic suppliers is to develop an extended enterprise type of relationship with them....More

The Extended Enterprise and Next Generation Supply Management

Next Generation Supply Management is the natural evolution of what could have resulted had extended enterprise remained the basis of Chrysler’s....More