Sep 26, 2014

Are You Up to the Challenge of Omni-Channel?

Most manufacturers would prefer to outsource the responsibility of figuring out what to do about omni-channel, but there aren't enough experts to go around....More
Aug 13, 2014

Five Major Changes Happening Right Now in Industrial Distribution1

Big things are happening in today’s industrial distribution landscape—five big things, to be exact. And they are causing an uproar in the industry as they all occur simultaneously....More
Jun 09, 2015

Is Walmart Helping Reshoring Trend?1

There is a waiting list for companies who are producing products in the U.S. and want to become Walmart suppliers....More
Aug 15, 2014

Innovation Case Study: 3D Printing, Kickstarter, Snowboarding And Pavement

Here's how two makers came together to develop the world's first eSnowboard in just six months by employing a modified prototyping/iteration process using 3D printers as a key tool in the process....More
Apr 06, 2015

Andrew R. Thomas' Blog has Moved!

Read Andrew R. Thomas' latest commentary on IndustryWeek's Ideaxchange....More
Apr 29, 2015

Industrial Energy Consumption to Rise in U.S.

Industry and the commercial sector are the exceptions to a picture of slowing energy demand in the United States, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports. Overall domestic consumption is expected to grow at 0.3% annually through 2040, less than half the rate of population growth, EIA projects in its Annual Energy Outlook 2015....More
Jul 17, 2014

MH17: The Logistics of a Crash

A Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed in the Eastern Ukraine Thursday is causing a ripple effect in the skies....More
Feb 18, 2015

Michele Nash-Hoff's Blog Has Moved!

Read more of Michele Nash-Hoff's "Inside California Manufacturing" commentary on IndustryWeek's Ideaxchange....More
Oct 04, 2014

Northeast Ohio Takes on Manufacturing Day

If you didn't think Northeast Ohio's manufacturing roots continue to run deep, you would have after attending [M]POWER Manufacturing Assembly, an event that both celebrated National Manufacturing Day and highlighted the vital role manufacturing plays in this region of the United States....More
Jan 20, 2015

How Lean Leaders Really Show Respect1

As leaders, when we challenge people to learn new ways of thinking and doing, we are showing them the greatest type of respect possible....More