Jun 26, 2014

Made in America vs. Paid in America

State and local governments need to do a better job of attracting and retaining foreign direct investment (FDI) in the U.S....More
Jun 27, 2014

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Alibaba Effect

How many of you have heard of Alibaba, the Chinese e-marketplace? Alibaba is the fastest growing e-commerce company in the quickest growing market in the world....More
Jan 27, 2014

Toyota Shows Faith in Thailand

Last week the company bought land near its existing plant in Chachoengsoa, for future production increase....More
Jun 09, 2014

Introducing: 3D Printed "Thing Of The Week" (#3DTOTW) From Thingiverse

Introducing a new weekly feature entitled "Thing of the Week" in which I will highlight one of the 3D CAD files available on the Thingiverse site....More
Jul 17, 2014

MH17: The Logistics of a Crash

A Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed in the Eastern Ukraine Thursday is causing a ripple effect in the skies....More
Jun 10, 2014

World Bank Lowers Outlook for Global Economy

Despite a "tailwind" from high-income countries such as the United States, developing countries are headed for another year of sub-5% growth, contributing to a reduced forecast for global economic growth, the World Bank reported today....More
Jul 09, 2014

Manufacturing Thrives in San Diego's North County Region

Come for the huge market, stay for the weather. That could be at least one slogan for those who work to keep manufacturing in California....More
Apr 03, 2014

Supreme Court: Severance Payments are Subject to FICA

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court held unanimously that certain severance payments paid to employees who were involuntarily terminated are taxable wages for FICA purposes....More
Jul 23, 2014

Disney Movies and the Art of Productivity

Whether they are making movies or manufacturing light bulbs (or shoes or ....), companies are always seeking new ways to meet the need for speed....More
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