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Alan Beaulieu

One of the country’s most informed economists, Alan Beaulieu is a principal of the ITR Economics where he serves as President. ITR predicts future economic trends with 94.7% accuracy rate and 60 years of correct calls. In his keynotes, Alan delivers clear, comprehensive action plans and...

in Make Your Move Apr 22, 2014

Taxes Do Matter

Taxes are one of many important economic determinants when businesses decide where to operate or place their corporate HQ as seen in recent news about Walgreen Co, the giant drugstore chain operator....More

Brian Beaulieu

Brian Beaulieu has been an economist with ITR Economics since 1982 and its CEO since 1987. He is also Chief Economist for Vistage International and TEC, global organizations comprised of over 13,000 CEO’s. At ITR, Brian has been engaged in applied research regarding business cycle trend...

in Make Your Move Mar 28, 2013

Market Share Gains Are a Priority for 2014

Don’t get carried away with extending economic good news in 2013 straight through 2014; there are signals of future cyclical risk....More

Dave Blanchard

Focus: Finance & Supply Chain


Follow on Twitter @supplychainDave

Call: 216-931-...

in Chain Reactions Mar 11, 2014

What Type of CFO Are You?

Are you focused more on costs, on metrics or on growth?....More

Making it in the USA

Michael Lind and the good folks at the New America Foundation have produced an interesting report on American manufacturing, "Value Added: America’s Manufacturing Future." It notes that "a world-class, dynamic manufacturing sector contributes to innovation and American prosperity."....More

Supreme Court: Severance Payments are Subject to FICA

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court held unanimously that certain severance payments paid to employees who were involuntarily terminated are taxable wages for FICA purposes....More

Ginger Christ

Focus Leadership & Strategy and Transportation Industries: Auto, Aerospace, Maritime and Rail.

Follow Ginger on Twitter: @GChristIW 

Call: 216-931-9750


Flight MH370: Orange is the (New) Black Box

Without finding the aircraft, without finding that black box, the final minutes of Flight MH370 and the fate of its passengers remains an enigma....More

Tony Clifford

Since 2007 Tony Clifford has led Standard Solar Inc.’s rapid growth into a nationally known PV developer/ EPC. Clifford began his career at Solarex Corp., later acquired by BP PLC and known as BP Solar. Throughout his career, Clifford has served as CEO or chief financial officer of three...

Will 2016 Be the Make or Break Year for Solar?

No matter how you look at it, 2016 is going to be a watershed year for the solar industry. Four years from now, the 30 percent federal tax credit for solar that has helped the industry grow exponentially will expire, and whether or not there will be anything to replace it is uncertain. But what will the solar market look like in 2016?....More
in @Risk Sep 24, 2010

Survey Finds Deference to Business Interests Puts Food Safety at Risk

Do business interests interfere with the work of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Agriculture (USDA) employees who are involved with food safety? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is too often "yes," according to new research....More

John Drogosz

John Drogosz is the vice president of lean services for Liker Lean Advisors. His areas of expertise include lean product and process development, value stream mapping of all types of processes, lean manufacturing (with specialization in mixed model processes) and Six Sigma (Master Black Belt)....

in Lean Leadership Ways Jan 24, 2014

Lean Product and Process Development

Lean Product Development is about eliminating waste not just in development processes but across the enterprise....More

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