Jun 19, 2014

Practice Seeing to be a Better Lean Leader

When you go to gemba to observe a process, are you only spending time looking, or are you going to actively and deliberately SEE?....More
May 08, 2014

Results or Competencies?

To drive improved results you really need to focus on whether you are building the right competencies where they are needed and sustaining the new behaviors through coaching and reinforcement....More
Jun 25, 2014

Corporate Profit Blues

Corporate profits in the US took a nose dive in the first quarter of 2014. While this doesn’t indicate recession, plan on a milder rate of growth and a softer second half to your year if you are positively correlated to the economy....More
Jul 21, 2014

Reducing Waste Often Reduces the Need for Manpower

Improved supplier quality performance leads to less of a need for receiving inspectors....More
Dec 19, 2012

Will 2016 Be the Make or Break Year for Solar?

No matter how you look at it, 2016 is going to be a watershed year for the solar industry. Four years from now, the 30 percent federal tax credit for solar that has helped the industry grow exponentially will expire, and whether or not there will be anything to replace it is uncertain. But what will the solar market look like in 2016?....More
Jul 02, 2014

Supreme Court's Ruling Puts Heavy Load on NLRB

The high court's ruling has put the National Labor Relations Board into scramble mode because it probably will have to revisit many of the cases it adjudicated when President Obama's now-invalid recess board appointees were active....More
Jul 21, 2014

3-D Printing the Impossible: 21st Century Manufacturing Demands 21st Century Tools

When your outdated techniques can't handle a new job, it's time to get a new tool....More
Jul 02, 2014

Plan and Deliver

Having had many years of experience in forecasting for companies such as Unilever and Arm & Hammer as well as consulting and training with many more organizations, I have come to appreciate the “art and science” of the forecasting process....More
Jun 16, 2014

US Government Stymied on Business' CyberSecurity Threats, says Former NSA Director Hayden

Why the U.S. government won't help to resolve American business' cyber-security problems....More
Jul 12, 2014

Wonderful Change

Change is everywhere. SMEs must embrace change much more determined....More
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