Dec 13, 2014

The Overlap between Employees and Suppliers

The primary function of Supply Management is to be a mentor to its suppliers....More
Oct 24, 2014

IBM Ditches 'Roadmap'; Workers Say Good Riddance

A group of IBM workers has issued a statement excoriating the company's "Roadmap 2015" (which some have been sardonically referring to as "Roadkill 2015"), saying it has done "enormous damage" to IBM and has made the company's work environment "toxic."....More
Sep 10, 2014

3-D Printing Steals the Show: Notes from IMTS 2014

The hardcore industrial crowd at this hardcore industrial tradeshow isn't here to kick the tires and check out 3-D printed doodads. They want to see production potential....More
Dec 05, 2014

Winter Weather Waste

As we approach the winter season, we need to try our best to “weather proof” our Supply Chain. In general, it is a good idea to make sure your logistics network has enough “bandwidth” to be able to meet your needs and adjust to unpredictable, weather related events, have good communications with your 3PLs,....More
Jun 16, 2014

US Government Stymied on Business' CyberSecurity Threats, says Former NSA Director Hayden

Why the U.S. government won't help to resolve American business' cyber-security problems....More
Nov 16, 2014

Economic Growth – How to Get Back on Track

Getting back on track means doing something about the situation! Sometimes bold decisions are needed....More
Apr 03, 2014

Supreme Court: Severance Payments are Subject to FICA

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court held unanimously that certain severance payments paid to employees who were involuntarily terminated are taxable wages for FICA purposes....More
May 08, 2014

Results or Competencies?

To drive improved results you really need to focus on whether you are building the right competencies where they are needed and sustaining the new behaviors through coaching and reinforcement....More
Jun 25, 2014

Corporate Profit Blues

Corporate profits in the US took a nose dive in the first quarter of 2014. While this doesn’t indicate recession, plan on a milder rate of growth and a softer second half to your year if you are positively correlated to the economy....More
Dec 19, 2012

Will 2016 Be the Make or Break Year for Solar?

No matter how you look at it, 2016 is going to be a watershed year for the solar industry. Four years from now, the 30 percent federal tax credit for solar that has helped the industry grow exponentially will expire, and whether or not there will be anything to replace it is uncertain. But what will the solar market look like in 2016?....More

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