Economic forecast reports

In-depth economic forecasts give you an edge
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ITR Advisor  |  Monthly 4-page economic snapshotITR Advisor Report - Yearly Subscription (12 issues)
The ITR Advisor is a concise 4-page monthly report that will give you a quick economic analysis, plus general economic forecasts you need to know about. Where is the economy headed? What about demand and prices? Learn this and more for less than $17 per month.
ITR Trends  |  Monthly 60-page economic reportITR Trends Report - Yearly Subscription (12 issues)
Strategically position your company for changes in the business cycle. The ITR Trends Report is a monthly 60+ page economic gold mine of data you receive every month. You'll get long-term views for key market sectors, detailed forecasts, action suggestions, and even phone access with ITR's economic analysts. See into the future for less than $75 a month.
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