LAS VEGAS—It's not last year's fitness tracker anymore.

New technology on display at the Consumer Electronics Show gets deeper into your skin, heart and muscle to help boost performance and health for competitive athletes as well as weekend warriors.

From German-based startup HS Innovation comes a connected ski system with activity trackers on boots that communicate with goggles to help skiers develop correct positioning for a better downhill run.

"We have a big data algorithm which analyzes your run to see how you can do better," said HS Innovation founder Hermann Schindler, who says the system is launching this year in Europe.

"This is something that can help all skiers, including professionals."

If baseball is your sport, a new motion tracking system from California-based Zepp Labs works inside the bat, which can help little leaguers and Major Leaguers improve their hitting without a cumbersome add-on.

"We are working with six Major League Baseball teams," said Zepp marketing manager Bill Lucarelli. "These teams do a lot with data analysis, but they don't have a lot about the batter unless they take it to a controlled environment. With this we can just put it in the bat."

Zepp's coaching app and tracker also is used in golf and tennis, while British-based Cambridge Consultants offers a similar system for baseball.