1. Public Sector - ARRA Qualifications  – We saw incentives in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as an advantage over imports for government purchases.
  2. Private Sector - Buy American Trend – We saw a trend among corporations to favor American Made products if the cost was comparable to imports.
  3. Direct American Job Creation – We saw an opportunity to support American job creation for economic recovery in the manufacturing sector.
  4. Indirect American Job Creation - We saw an opportunity to support American job creation for economic recovery in the “Ripple Effect” of jobs created through packaging design and production, support services, shipping, etc.
  5. American Energy Security – We saw an opportunity to foster more “Self-Reliance” with a stronger America that actually makes the products that it uses vs. buying them from overseas.

Beyond the innovation and production of LED technology, my company has responsibilities. Our first responsibility is to create value for our shareholders, our second responsibility is to pay our team every two weeks, and our third responsibility is to beat the drum of an American Energy Revolution to create demand for a field with great potential in an exciting chapter in world history. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, buildings account for about 40% of energy consumption, of which a third of electricity goes toward lighting. Our products cut the lighting cost by 50% or more, so the energy savings impact is significant, both financially and environmentally.

Too often the pundits on TV -– people who do not have to meet a payroll -- debate the path to creating American jobs as contrary to “green” energy initiatives and the regulations or carbon penalties for corporations. American LED manufacturing, we’ve found, is a win/win for the environment and the economy, creating jobs and enhancing sustainability. By encouraging companies to switch the lights to LEDs made in America, Independence LED is able to help businesses reduce operating costs, help the environment, and foster economic recovery simultaneously. We’re shaving overhead by switching what’s overhead – and four years in, Independence LED couldn’t be prouder to stamp our products “Made in America.”