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on Mar 11, 2016

Over the years, I have worked for several women, including three that I greatly admired and respected -- one older, two much younger. All three were professional and respectful toward me. That's all I ask, or expect.

I have also worked with women who think that being pissy shows that they are strong. It shows the exact opposite.

The worst examples of women I have worked with were those who "groomed the alpha male," instead of building relationships with their peers.

The biggest disadvantage that women have is that they can't "hang out" after work, or go out for a beer, or pull an "all-nighter," like us guys can. This is nothing against them. It's the way the world is. Men can develop a comradery that women can't be a part of. As soon as a woman appears on the scene, the dynamics change -- the comradery disappears, and the men become competitors. All the counselling in the world won't change this dynamic. This is why "women in combat" will be a disaster.

Bruce Bishop

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