Cross-Sector Success Guide for SCADA

One of the key priorities for companies across the industrial sector in 2016 is how to increase efficiencies — boost operating-equipment effectiveness, lower maintenance and personnel costs, and improve return on assets (RoA) with less investment. To achieve those goals, leaders in the industrial sector employ technology solutions to ensure visibility and availability of industrial automation.

Traditional systems are no longer sufficient for handling the downtime risks associated with critical business applications, especially when running interconnected systems
and new IIoT solutions. Modern technology, specifically virtualization and fault tolerance, mitigate downtime — both planned and unplanned — to allow plants to operate smarter, faster and safer.

Download this white paper to learn how plants can make strides in modern technology to get the most of their current systems investments and future-proof their operations for the IIoT.

Paper contributed by Stratus.

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