Apple Inc.

Computers & Other Electronic Products
Cupertino CA
Revenue (US$ Millions)$233,715
Total Equity (US$ Millions)$119,355
Total Assets (US$ Millions)$290,479
Sales Turnover0.8
Revenues Past$182,795
Revenue Growth (%)27.86%
Return On Equity (%)47.87%
Price To Earnings Ratio14.33
Net Income (US$ Millions)$53,394
Market Capitalization (US$ Millions)$639,939
Long Term Debt (US$ Millions)$53,463
Inventory Turnover62.82
Inventories (US$ Millions)$2,349
Earnings Per Share Growth (%)42.95%
Earnings per Share$9.22
Debt To Equity Ratio (%)0.45%
Current Liabilities (US$ Millions)$80,610
Current Assets (US$ Millions)$89,378
Cost of Goods Sold (US$ Millions)$140,089
Common Sharesout (Millions)$5,579