HANOVER, Germany - From a glove that can be used as a mobile phone to a remote-controlled spy helicopter: this year's CeBIT, the world's top high-tech fair, showcases a bewildering array of gadgets.

For geeks in cold climates, China-based firm Winnershine Technology has just the thing: a glove that can be used as a mobile phone while keeping your hands toasty warm.

Connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, the earpiece is in the thumb of the woolly green glove, with the speaker in the little finger, allowing you to make calls without getting your hands cold. Yours for a snip at $12.50.

Equally nerdy is the smartphone-controlled golf ball developed by Woddon Industrial Limited.

No need for golf clubs: simply download the app to your smartphone, then wave your device as if swinging a club. The ball judges the speed and angle of the "swing" and moves accordingly.

Woddon also showcases their latest line in remote-controlled spy devices.

Budding James Bonds can choose between flying saucers, helicopters or airships and pilot them using a smartphone, taking pictures or real-time video of their unsuspecting target.

The latest "iConCopter", due out in a couple of months, has a maximum range of 165 feet and is likely to retail at around $390, said sales manager Harry Chen.