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on Sep 6, 2016

Data security is the top concern yet most solid state devices that store, process and use the data are not protected from an EMP attack or solar flare.

The US electrical grid is not protected either. Industry and Congress have failed to act.

The SHIELD Act is the first legitimate attempt Congress has taken to protect the power grid from an EMP attack or solar flare.

offthegridnews. com/grid-threats/will-the-shield-act-help-you-in-the-event-of-an-emp-or-solar-flare/

Unfortunately for all of us, it may too little too late, if the federal government moves at its typically slower-than-molasses speed. The AR1785 solar flare which NOAH scientists predicted with a 40 percent certainty would erupt on the Fourth of July (it actually erupted on July 3) illustrates how vulnerable the power grid is to CMEs. AR1785 had a beta gamma magnetic field which harbored enough energy to make M-Class solar flares a very real possibility.

Arizona Representative Trent Franks of Arizona recently introduced the Secure High-Voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act (SHIELD) in Congress. The bill is focused upon installing surge protectors at the site of approximately 300 electric transformers around the United States. About 300 million Americans garner electricity via the power grid.

Republican Representative Trent Franks had this to say about the SHIELD Act, which has been deemed a bipartisan bill with a 40 percent chance of passage:

“It is critical that we protect our major transformers from cascading destruction. The SHIELD Act encourages industry to develop standards necessary to protect our electric infrastructure against both natural and man-made EMP events.”

Mainstream media outlets are offering very little coverage of the SHIELD Act (HR 668) debate or the viable threat the power grid faces from solar flares and an EMP attack. The lack of a significant solar flare in recent history has apparently lulled our elected officials into a false sense of security. The SHIELD Act was preceded by HR 5026, the GRID Act. Although the legislation passed the House of Representatives, it died a swift death in the Senate.

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