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on Aug 18, 2015

As a New Jersey resident I am happy to see the Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative at Rutgers is thriving.

I was also happy to see that when JWalking Designs considered all of the total costs and benefits of sourcing locally, that they reshored manufacturing to the U.S.

As companies adopt a more comprehensive total cost analysis they are finding that the “hidden costs” of offshoring often counterbalance any remaining savings from cheap price or labor abroad.

These companies are investing and sourcing in the U.S. because it makes good economic sense for them to do so.

By reshoring and shortening supply chains, companies can greatly improve lead times, responsiveness to customers, quality, innovation and R&D, while reducing the large inventories, long lead times and supply chain risks associated with offshoring.

The Reshoring Initiative Can Help

In order to help companies decide objectively to reshore manufacturing back to the U.S. or offshore, the not-for-profit Reshoring Initiative’s free Total Cost of Ownership Estimator can help corporations calculate the real P&L impact of reshoring or offshoring. The free TCO estimator can be found on the ReshoreNow dot org website.

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