Automating Accounts Receivable Maximizes Cash Flow, Minimizes Risk

Automating Accounts Receivable Maximizes Cash Flow, Minimizes Risk

The automotive industry is built on innovation and speed, externally by the continuous advent of new vehicles and internally through improved data and process solutions.

The industry currently is experiencing a shift in the order-to-cash process, steadily moving toward automation of these important business transactions. This shift is minimizing paper’s impact in accounts receivable, allowing organizations to automate each part of the order-to-cash process from upstream sales orders to delivery documents, payments and rebates downstream.

To stay relevant in the competitive, ever-shifting landscape, manufacturers need to upgrade older, manual processes if they want to contain costs, optimize cash flow and mitigate risk. Effective process changes can help automotive companies manage the ever-evolving mix of payment and remittance forms, and to handle demanding exceptions.

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