Jamie Flinchbaugh

Lean Advisor, Speaker and Author

Jamie Flinchbaugh is a lean advisor, speaker, and author. In addition to co-founding the Lean Learning Center, he has helped build nearly 20 companies as either a co-founder, board member, advisor, or angel investor. These companies range from high-performance motorcycles to SaaS tools for continuous improvement. He has advised over 300 companies around the world in lean transformation.

Jamie co-authored the popular book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean, and continues to share his experiences as a Contributing Editor for IndustryWeek and as a blogger at JamieFlinchbaugh.com. He holds degrees from Lehigh University, University of Michigan, and MIT, and continues to teach and mentor on campus. 

Jamie is best known for helping to transform how we think about lean from a tools-centric model to one based on principles and behaviors. His passion for lean transformation comes from seeking to unlock the great potential that people possess to build inspiring organizations. 


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Lean and learning organizations share many characteristics. Here are some actions you can take to make a learning organization a greater part of your operating system.
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cartoon follow me
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What makes you a good follower is different than what makes you a good leader.
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Robust processes may be appealing but a fragile process can help surface problems when they are still small and quickly fixed.
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The idea that you can't inspect quality into a product is decades old but most manufacturing organizations, even their quality functions, haven't fully adopted it.
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Standard work manifests itself through many different tools and methods. One method that is underutilized is TWI, or Training Within Industry.
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Once you have your lean journey underway, how do you build it into the bricks and mortar, and the DNA, of the organization?
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Are you ready for when lean starts to take off in your factory?
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